In the summer, we are tempted by light, simple and effective dresses for all occasions. The little summer dress can be worn day or night, at the office or in the evening. They come in different shades and cuts to match your mood. However, like every summer, some models are more present than others. Body-hugging dresses, short dresses, streetwear dresses... So, what are the trendy dresses for summer 2022 ? 

Summer dress 2022: What are the season's top models?

This summer, the asymmetric wrap dress is back in force. The asymmetrical dress highlights your shoulders and draws the eye to your cleavage: a good way to stand out from your friends in style. The cut-out dress is a geometric shape that continues to seduce the most hardened fashionistas. The cut-out dress allows you to highlight a part of your body while remaining mysterious and classy. The cut-out can be at the level of your neckline or at the level of the ribs. It allows you to reveal a little bit of yourself without an ounce of vulgarity. It represents the streetwear woman's clothing par excellence.

The zip dress is also a must-have for summer 2022. It brings a real personality to a basic short dress. It gives character and a bad girl look that we love to your outfit. Don't hesitate to combine it with a sexy braid in Lara Croft mode. The minimalist dress is a subtle but effective elegance. Choose black or white for an inimitable classy effect. In any case, Project X Paris offers you sexy, elegant and comfortable summer dresses for all situations. 

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

How to choose your summer dress ?

Whether or not you want to choose the trends for summer 2022, there are a few simple tips for choosing your summer dress. First of all, the choice of your dress must take into account your body type. If you have a small waist, you can opt for a tight-fitting dress without worrying. This type of dress will highlight your figure and draw attention to the thinner parts of your body. If you have short legs, the short dress is for you. It will instantly lengthen and enhance your legs. The wrap dress is ideal for those with a fuller tummy. The wrap dress moulds your shape and highlights your curves. 

In summer, feel free to be more adventurous with a short wrap dress or by opting for lighter colours. This will enhance your summer tan. The choice of your summer dress can also depend on the occasion you want to wear it for. If you want to wear it at the beach or during the day, light and pastel colours are appropriate. If you want to be classy and elegant in the evening, don't hesitate to go for darker colours and shocking elements such as a cut-out at the neckline or an unexpected symmetrical effect. 

In any case, the streetwear dresses proposed on the Project X Paris website offer you an incomparable fluidity of movement so that you are comfortable in all your outings. You will find many different models of women's dresses for the summer according to your desires: always stylish and always comfortable. So, do you prefer a figure-hugging dress or a dress that shows off your bare shoulders?

Indulge yourself with a pretty woman's dress that will highlight your shape and reveal your personality all summer long. And if you're not into dresses, you can also opt for a streetwear skirt or simply sexy jeans. 

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