How did the fleece jacket become a trend?

Fleece is a fluffy, fluffy fabric made from cotton. Fleece is pleasant to the touch and gives a soft feeling. This fabric is therefore original as it contrasts with the majority of fabrics which are generally flat and offer little relief. Its pile-covered appearance gives your style a certain originality that allows you to stand out. This fabric offers a good resistance to the cold because a layer of air is created between the "hairs" of the fabric. Therefore, it is not surprising that this fabric is used in cold weather clothing such as fleece.

Where does the fleece jacket come from?

For a long time, the fleece was considered to be reserved for sportsmen and was even hasbeen. Now, the fleece is a real trend and is featured in all the magazines and in many collections, including the winter 2021 season from Uniqlo. 

The trend of the last ten years is to show the comfort of its clothes. This is why the term "chill" is becoming increasingly popular in the media and in everyday life, as in the famous Netflix slogan "Netflix and Chill".

Fleece has become a must-have item in your wardrobe. It is therefore worthwhile to approach a trendy clothing shop to enrich your wardrobe with pieces that everyone will love.

How to wear a fleece jacket?

The advantage of the fleece is that it can be declined in different styles. Originally created for sportsmen, adopting a sportswear style is quite possible. You can wear your fleece jacket with a jogging suit if it's autumn or winter, or mix a light fleece jacket with short for spring, for example. 

The fleece jacket can also be adapted to a rather casual chic style, even classy. You can wear your fleece over a fitted shirt with a chino or dress trousers. The clash between your casual chic style and your fleece will give your outfit even more caracter.

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