As summer approaches, the beautiful days and the heat are gradually making their return. We will drop the many layers of clothing that we wore to feel more comfortable, no more coats, sweaters and pants outside, now make way for a t-shirt or a shirt with shorts. If these clothes allow us to feel much more comfortable, they nevertheless present a defect that we often hear about, it is difficult to match them and to obtain a cool look. One piece in particular is decried: the shorts. 

So we will see how to assume a look with men’s shorts and deliver our advice to not make a mistake and be trendy this summer.

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

How to wear your Men's Shorts

It is not easy for many to wear shorts. It has little fabric to be a real fashion piece and shows our legs and thighs that are normally hidden, which does not help to feel in value. So, the first thing to do is to look at the length of your shorts. First of all, it is absolutely necessary that you avoid wearing a short man short, arriving at mid-thigh or even shorter, we will have an impression of swimsuit or underwear, which will not put you in value. Conversely, too long, it will no longer be in shorts but a pantacourt, piece for the moment impossible to use to look cool. So prefer a short length up to the knee. 

The pieces to wear with for a short streetwear look

You can actually match your shorts with many pieces but it is true that some types of shorts like cargo shorts or jean shorts will offer you additional possibilities. 

First of all you have the shirt, which can also be worn in several ways for a different style: closed and in the classic shorts or open over a t-shirt with cargo shorts, if you want to reinforce this aspect of streetwear shorts we advise you to bet on light pieces with streetwear accessories like a cap or bags that you can find on our site.

You can also simply wear your cargo shorts with an oversized t-shirt that will stand out naturally. Finally, to reinforce the streetwear style, you can wear a pair of shoes, preferably sneakers.

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

The mistakes not to make to wear your shorts well

Small summary of the mistakes not to be made when you want to wear shorts. Regarding shoes, avoid high shoes if you are looking for a casual look, the same for high socks. If you absolutely want to combine these two pieces we advise you to go for a look with sports inspirations rather than to bet on a casual style.

Finally we repeat because it is important, look at how far your pants fall so that the size is well adapted. Also pay attention to the cut according to the desired style. 

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