When the warm weather arrives, it is necessary to dress more lightly, so as not to suffer on hot days. To keep your style and stay trendy in the summer, we advise you to turn to trendy t-shirt models. This type of t-shirt is particularly popular because it is very modern while being casual and comfortable.

ProjectXParis, your streetwear clothing shop, offers you to find on its website or in its shop many models of hype t-shirt for the summer, in order to keep a unique style.

Trendy T-shirts: the trends to follow to stay swag this summer


In this year 2021, certain trends are emerging and it is necessary to renew one's wardrobe with new t-shirt models to stay on top of the hype. The first trend this summer is the presence of T-shirt and shorts sets. This type of set was already very popular during the winter, with hoodies or streetwear t-shirt combined with jogging. This makes it possible to have a complete matching outfit, whether with patterns, colours or shades, and therefore to be hip from head to toe.

Another trend that has emerged in recent years is simplicity. Indeed, the trendy t-shirt is no longer necessarily flashy, and this summer the trendy t-shirt could be a single-coloured t-shirt with a simple logo or writing on the back.

Finally, if you want to keep a streetwear style even during the hot days, you can opt for a streetwear t-shirt with a hood, which will guarantee you a coherent style while benefiting from the lightness of the tshirt.


 What colour should you choose for your trendy t-shirt?

For your trendy t-shirt, we advise you to choose colours that are not too dark to avoid getting too hot, as dark colours that are close to black absorb more of the sun's rays. You can then opt for bright colours for your streetwear t-shirt, like orange or yellow for example. This will also allow you to stand out and attract attention.

If you are more of a discreet type, no worries, you can also opt for a trendy t-shirt in light and fresh colours, like white, light blue or green.

Finally, you can opt for a trendy t-shirt with a colour gradient in tie and die mode, starting from the darkest to the lightest, for example from red to yellow.


Why buy your streetwear t-shirt at ProjectXParis ?

ProjectXParis is the specialist of hype and streetwear clothing, anchored in the urban culture for several years. We have a very large collection of t-shirts, to let you choose your style and stay on top of the hype this summer. And our different clothes are not only reserved for men, and you will easily find many models of hype t-shirt for women on our platform, as well as unisex models.

Recognised by our consumers as well as by many actors of the French and international urban scene, we also offer you many advantages such as loyalty or sponsorship programs, allowing you to renew your wardrobe and acquire your streetwear t-shirt at the best price.

So don't hesitate any longer and come and visit us in one of our shops, or order directly online to receive your trendy t-shirt quickly!

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