Project X Paris is partnering with Trace, to propose a contest in which you can win your studio session, accompanied by a clip, and of course a promo on Trace. A logical partnership with the mythical chain of urban culture that is starting to make a lot of noise on social networks !

Your Project, Your Trace : The rap contest of the year

It is with great pride that at Project X Paris, we partnered with the big music channel Trace Urban to offer you a hyper ambitious contest, almost unheard of. In line with this Grand Casting that we did throughout 2022, the goal is to discover and give strength and visibility to an artist, future star of tomorrow, by giving him access to tools that he does not have just now: studio, clip, etc. The concept is very simple: REGISTER ONLINE VIA THIS LINK ON THE PROJECT X PARIS WEBSITE. Download one of the two prods available for the contest, kick us a crazy on it, send us all that, and the trick is done. The casting ends on January 31, 2023, after which, the best of you will be selected and won his studio session, with the best sound ingés, as well as a video clip, and, icing on the cake, a guaranteed promo on Trace Urban! A spotlight that could change your career trajectory. 

 Project X Paris

But be careful, winning won’t be easy, the competition is tough! To tell you a little more about the productions, on which you will put your crazy verses, they are in two very different delusions, but also very representative of what we can hear in the current French rap scene. The first is signed Dezess, and it is a typical production of a French banger well street, halfway between trap and drill. For those who have the reference, it reminds a little of the classic prods of Fianso during his winning return in the game. The second one is by Dezess and Saint Trust. It’s sunnier, warmer with sounds closer to those of a big single. With influences from Marseille, Latin, Afro and Caribbean. In short, you have the choice in your atmosphere, now it’s up to you to play !

Trace and PXP, a story that lasts

We are obviously very happy at Project X Paris to be able to partner with a large urban media such as Trace to propose a competition with this quality and this follow-up. Because Trace Urban, formerly MCM Africa then Trace TV, has accompanied French urban artists for 20 years now, with a real diversity in the styles proposed: rap, RnB, dancehall, reggae, but also many different African musical styles, which influence our artists in France. Since the 2000s, a channel has participated in giving the image (especially via video clips) a central place in French rap, and of course, as a clothing brand, we are particularly sensitive to that. Since then, the Trace group has diversified, but the Trace Urban chain has always kept this resolutely modern, urban identity, even in its famous slogan «We Are Urban Music».

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

This is not the first time that we have collaborated with the channel, which offers many short pastilles, be they interviews or freestyles, for which it needs to dress its artists. It gives PXP designers the opportunity to work with new artists, by proposing new things, or to continue to collaborate with rappers we already know well, like Gambino La MG which recently appeared in the «T Live» of Trace Urban. We intend to maintain strong ties with the chain to continue to offer you a lot of incredible concepts and outfits!

The contest explodes on social networks

With the contest Your Project, Your Trace, we propose to an aspiring artist to leave his trace in the music, with a real follow-up, very good ingés, a clip, the promo... So obviously, there are many candidates. But we were far from expecting the magnitude of the buzz that is currently taking place on social networks, on which we are constantly solicited since the launch of the contest. We receive videos from rapping artists, which makes us very happy, we love it and we thank you for being more and more numerous to support our projects since the creation of the brand in 2015. You are more than ever our greatest strength and pride, and we hope that you too will be proud of the winning artist, who will be chosen with the utmost care. We’re counting on you to follow him closely in the future.

We were also incredibly surprised by the success of the contest with the influencers and artists who are popular among urban youth. We even got a rap and a little clip from Kader Diaby who shot a lot on social networks, with an incredible flow as he has the secret. We also saw Nasdas who spread the word to all the Bitch by inviting his fans who are determined to try their luck. And believe us, that makes a lot of people, over a million subscribers to the last count. In short, Your Project Your Trace is already leaving a trail and if you want to be part of the adventure, and have the chance to write your story with the best tools to get there, then do not hesitate. With the help of Trace Urban and Project X Paris, it will necessarily be easier. Especially when you know the price of a studio session, and a video shoot, not necessarily within everyone’s reach. We wish you all good courage, the results of the contest will be unveiled in February 2023. Until then, on your microphones !

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