L'année de folie de Soso Maness

 Project X Paris

After ten years in the shadow of the rap game, Soso Maness has taken advantage of 2020/2021 to become a key figure in French rap and urban culture. Album, collaboration with Project X Paris, multiple appearances in featuring or in Youtube concepts, return on this crazy year of the new star from Marseille.

Soso Maness, the rising star of the 13

Those who know a little about his life know that for Soso Maness, this current success looks like an obstacle course. He started rapping at the age of 11 with his childhood friends, before posing on the Intouchables album at a very young age (the track "La Relève" in 2000), and it took him a long time to acquire the status of a big name in rap. This is due to a sometimes chaotic personal path, and to the lack of light there has been for a long time on the young talents of post-Psy 4 rap in Marseille. But now, he is installed at the top of the charts. He had already fired a first warning shot in March 2020, with the release of a real hit, "So Maness". A song that scored high, while highlighting the rapper's humour and good humour. He could even have made better use of this track if CoVid had not disrupted his plans, either on stage or in the club. The second wave arrived shortly afterwards with the release of his album "Mistral" in June, a project that allowed him to multiply his appearances and interviews, making him one of the most appreciated personalities in the game. The project is expected to go gold in the near future.

 Project X Paris

Finally, the last step in his conquest of French rap: the track "Bande Organisée", unveiled on 15 August. A hit-teaser for a 100% Marseilles collaborative album, with the biggest heads of each generation. The track, with Naps, Jul, SCH, Kofs and others, is a real tidal wave. But it is especially thanks to the incredible verse of Soso Maness, the famous "Zumba Cafew", that it became a cult. A shower of certifications fell on the people of Marseille, to the point that all the mainstream media were obliged to talk about it. As a result, Soso can be found everywhere on Youtube: in interviews, but also messing around on Rap Jeu, or with the Youtubeur Loris Giuliano. The rapper has managed to become a real street personality appreciated by almost all the media, without ever changing his personality or softening his words. This may even provoke jealousy from some haters who think that "Soso, we see too much of him". But they are wrong. Good humour, honesty, humour, authenticity, and a real sense of style: you can never get enough of Soso Maness.

The Soso Maness X Project X Paris collab

Besides rapping, the artist also worked on his look during the year. It's the basis for a rapper: you can't do 100 interviews in a year and wear the same clothes, otherwise you're bound to get into trouble on the networks. In any case, he had always had an interest in fashion, as he confided to us during the collaboration between himself and Project X. With, as is often the case with the Marseillais, a little sense of provocative, flashy and daring looks that we like a lot here at PXP. As a big fan of streetwear, he didn't hesitate before choosing the unisex blue tracksuit with the numerous white logos. A rather daring piece, but that's not going to scare him, as he's always assumed this side of being a bit "big-mouthed" and different from the others. This collab was above all an opportunity to discover his love for all things jeans, in trousers or in jackets, as he has always had a great passion for rockers. But also his love of sweaters and hoodies: unisex, blue tie and dye, or rather "basic", he tried them all and adopted them. We're obviously looking forward to the next collection.

 Project X Paris
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