Today, there is no good streetwear outfit without a nice pair of sneakers. It's almost impossible, as it has become an essential element of fashion and urban cultures. Project X Paris offers you to discover its selection of pairs to have in its collection at the moment.

If nowadays the sneaker is ubiquitous, it has not always been so, far from it. This type of shoe, which used to be called in a more general way "the basketball" (in France), was only born at the beginning of the 20th century, and it was not until basketball became the number 1 sport in the USA that this type of shoe became popular, in the 60s and 70s. In the end, it was Nike that finally launched the wave in the 80s, with the launch of the Air Force One and the partnership with the legend Michael Jordan. Since then, sneakers have really appeared everywhere. But while they were rather a style associated with youth, rebellion, in short, real streetwear, sneakers are now recovered by luxury brands, and appear in some high fashion shows. The advent of rap as the number one culture in the West is not foreign: luxury brands have reappropriated the codes of the stars of the hip hop movement, like Jay-Z at the time, or Kanye West today.

Sneakers are perhaps one of the most important elements of a streetwear outfit that wants to be current. But it's hard to find your way around with the 10,000 pairs released every year, the reissues of old mythical pairs like the TN, the Air Force, the Air Jordan, the Stan Smith, the sales organized with raids. But the advantage is that there is always a model that will fit your every desire, even if you like the most eccentric colors and designs, or the most sober ones. When you have too many choices, it becomes difficult to decide and that's why we at Project X Paris have decided to select our 3 must-have pairs to complete your best outfits.

The Yeezy

At PXP, we like it when all aspects of urban cultures collaborate to create something innovative. So we had to talk about Kanye West and the fruit of his collaboration with Adidas, the Yeezy. The one who was originally a producer, then became a rapper, then finally a fashion designer managed to upset the codes of the sneakers thanks to his collaboration with the brand with three stripes. Since then, the number of brands that have started to release models with an ever more futuristic design (and often directly inspired by the Yeezy) is increasing, as well as the hype around each release of sneakers made in Kanye. 

Obviously, again there are different models, at different prices. At Project X, we have a small preference for the Yeezy 700, a model initially released in 2017 (v1), then re-released in 2018 (v2), and now has a v3. Of course, the further you get into the versions, the more futuristic the design and color mix available. In terms of cutting edge and originality, the Yeezy 700 V3 finishes on top but if you're looking for something less flashy, the V2 is also a very effective pair in a streetwear outfit.

The Air Jordan 1 Low OG SP Fragment by Travis Scott

Obviously, the success of Kanye West has given ideas to other sneaker brands, who wanted to find their rapper to collaborate with to release models made popular by placing them in clips. But some brands also had a little more ambition, like Nike when they decided to collaborate with Travis Scott. An artist who has always paid a lot of attention to the visual / aesthetic side of his music and clips, and who is also a forward thinker in his style of rap. Since 2019, the one nicknamed Cactus Jack is therefore working for the famous brand and has already released a bunch of different sneaker models. 

At PXP, we totally fell in love with the Air Jordan 1 Low OG SP Fragment (yes, it's very long but it's worth it) designed by Travis, with a choice of colors both very sober and rather original, especially in the way the colors are applied on the pair. White, cream, blue, black, with a not too thick sole. Some say that the pair has a vintage look, it is possible, but here we find it very current and very easy to marry with several outfits according to your desires, whether with a classic jean or a sweatpants a little original.

The Nike Dunk Low Off White

It is with emotion that we will talk to you about this last pair, since its creator, Virgil Abloh, and died very recently on November 28, at the age of 41 years. With him, the fans of sneakers and fashion in general have lost one of the most important designers of the last ten years. He is perhaps the one who has most contributed to building this bridge between streetwear and luxury brands, via his position as artistic director of the men's line of Louis Vuitton, acquired in 2018. But above all, we salute the designer for the work done with his brand Off White and his numerous collaborations with Nike that have radically changed the trend. 

Today we're going to tell you about the Nike Dunk Low Off White, released in August 2021. One of the most beautiful pairs of the year, which is already a hyper sought after and highly rated piece. With its thick sole and stylized swoosh, it is our real favorite of the year. And despite a high price, it continues to sell very quickly, proof that the success is there. Created in several different colors, the pair of sneakers keeps a rather retro design but without being outdated and remains effective with almost any outfit.

So, you'll understand, sneakers are essential and that's why we wanted to present you this little top 3. And that's also why we made you win the 3 pairs (for the 3 winners) during a contest a few weeks ago. At Project X Paris, we like to be generous during the holiday season! We wish you a year 2022 filled with quality clothes. 

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