Last week the Project X Paris team organized its photo shoot in the abandoned site of the Sanatorium d'Aincourt, a former hospital that treated tuberculosis patients. This establishment, built in 1929 and closed in the early 1990s, has experienced several epidemics; during World War II it was used as a prison (about 1500 prisoners, men and women, were deported to the concentration camps of Auschwitz). In the 1970s the hospital was restored on the initiative of its director, who was passionate about Zen gardens. He created a real Japanese garden, with waterfalls and small bridges, in order to purify the place. In short, at that time, the sanatorium did not resemble at all what it has become today.

Nouvelle collection Project X Paris  Nouvelle collection Project X Paris

After the closure, due to lack of income, the sanatorium was completely abandoned. In 10 years only the remains of a hospital that saw many patients with tuberculosis remain. Even today, between the long corridors and the rooms littered with pieces of glass, you can feel the history of this place full of suffering. This place attracts many fans of the paranormal: in this old hospital where so many misfortunes occurred, you would not be surprised to see strange things appearing...Nouvelle collection Project X Paris

  Nouvelle collection Project X Paris

But the closing of the hospital, in fact, was its rebirth. Difficult to access, it has become one of the most attractive places for street-artists, UBREX (urban exploration) enthusiasts, as well as for artists like DRY, Youssoupha, Sébastien Agius who have shot their videos here.

The artistic director of Project X Paris chose these premises for the shooting of the new collection because the underground spirit of this mysterious place was well in coherence with the philosophy of the brand: young, dynamic, created for those who do not hesitate to follow their own codes.

Nouvelle collection Project X Paris  Nouvelle collection Project X Paris

Inspiration of the week - the most beautiful abandoned places in the world :

Kolmanskop dans le désert de Namib

Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert

Le parc de Wonderland abandonné près de Pékin en Chine

The abandoned Wonderland park near Beijing in China

Un hopital militaire, Beelitz, Allemagne

A military hospital, Beelitz, Germany

Le parc d’attraction Nara Dreamland au Japon

The Nara Dreamland theme park in Japan

Orpheum Auditorium – New Bedford, Massachusetts

Orpheum Auditorium - New Bedford, Massachusetts

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