Impossible to have listened to French rap in the last ten years and to miss the SCH phenomenon. His unique character, his pen sharpened like no other in the game, his attitude but also his sympathy, make him one of the favorite artists of the French. And while he just released «Autobahn», he is more than ever on the roof of the game. Back to the crazy success story of Marseille.

From « A7 » to « Autobahn »

We will take the story from the beginning, to explain how a Marseillais, son of a German trucker and a nurse, managed to climb on the roof of the game in the space of only a few years. Long before the character of SCH was born, there was «Schneider», 15 years old, who has just started rap and wants to affirm his Germanic roots coming from his father. Hence the choice of nickname. His rap is already well worked, but rather dark, and hardly distinguishable from the competition. It is from 2014 that the metamorphosis in SCH will begin, thanks to some appearances in featurings, and several clips/ freestyles. Then came the first mixtape, «A7», in 2015. A project that has changed the face of French rap, let’s not be afraid of words, and that will sell more than 500,000 copies in France and internationally. In it, he reveals a universe that wanders between the darkest street of Marseilles, and the ambitions of the wealthy Neapolitan mafia, very inspired by the series «Gomorra» for example. Death and melancholy are omnipresent, but also the rage to win and fight to get out of his proletarian condition («Getting up for a thousand and two is insulting» has even become a slogan taken up in some demonstrations). All with melodies of a new genre, and a very identifiable voice. 

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

Of course, French rap is in shock. Starting with "A7", the rapper has forged a very solid discography by releasing almost one album per year. First "Anarchy", then "Deo Favente", "JVLIVS I", "Rooftop", "JVLIVS II" and finally a new mixtape, "Autoban", released a few months ago. By hanging at least the platinum disc at each release. Now SCH can look any French rap legend in the eye. He has diversified his universe, with even incursions into the world of cinema with "JVLIVS" and goes to the end of his ideas in his proposals, never watering down the discourse. Although he is now at the top of the game, he remains street forever: "I’m not in the social evenings, and I like simple things, my mother doesn’t give a shit about the Urus she wants the Citroën" can be heard in "LIF", one of these last pieces. This authentic side without concession makes it very popular with its fans, but not only.

A boss in Bande organisé and in “Nouvelle École”

Because SCH has also become a boss and a reference in its professional environment. The proof, he is one of the major figures who built the success of the crazy project "Bande Organisé", and of the common album with all Marseillais that followed. In a few words, "Yes my spoiled", he simply returned the whole of France. He also participated in the Classico Organisé with the Parisians, proof that it is truly essential. And this is quite normal: in Marseille and the surrounding area, SCH, or Le S as it is now called, has become almost as important as Jul. But its influence goes far beyond the borders of the South of France. For many listeners, it represents something, it has a real status of patron and complete artist. 

It is probably for this reason that "New School", the rap contest imagined and broadcast by Netflix this year, decided to give him a place among the coaches. The place was requested, however, by many people, but the show could not do without a big Marseillaise star, in view of the place that the city took in the game. Beyond his presence, he is the only one of the 3 coaches (with Niska and Shay) to have received almost no criticism. He even distinguished himself by opinions that were a little more relevant than some of his colleagues. And the emergence of artists like BB Jacques, or Elyon, in the show is proof that SCH has a huge influence on the new generation, by the accomplished and thought-out side of its music, and at the same time very "brutal" and authenticity. A real boss in the French rap game.

SCH always at the cutting edge of style

But also a boss in fashion and style. Because SCH is one of the artists who has best grasped the importance of the image in current rap. He went so far as to make a mini film, for the release of "JVLIVS I", as we said earlier. Beyond this film, almost every clip released by the rapper is a slap we remember. And if you want to get an idea of how he handles his image brilliantly, take a look at his freestyle "Booska Rooftop": he is at the top of the style, and the World War II plane next to him in the video is a genius idea. Even outside the clips, at each public appearance, for a concert, an interview or other, he will always be well dressed, most often in a kind of flashy style that suits him very well. Tattoos and jewelry are also part of the character, but he never abuses them. Finally, wouldn’t SCH have ended up creating its own definition of style and elegance? In any case he made emulations, since many other French rappers have "muscled their game" in terms of style after the release of "A7". Even today, in the clips already released from his project "Autobahn" he continues to impress by the visual quality of his proposals. 

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

We were also delighted at Project X Paris to see him wearing one of our checked pants, in different colors, a few years ago. A model that is timeless, but that you must know how to highlight in its outfit, not always easy to find something that goes with it. SCH is doing very well, as is often the case when it tries a new style. We are obviously very pleased with the importance that PXP has taken on in Marseille and the South of France, thanks to our many store openings but also to the collabs with artists from Marseille such as Naps, or Soso Maness. We take this opportunity to wish him to stay on the «Autobahn» (motorway in German) of success, as he has done so far. Whether solo, by featuring on his projects, or as a member of a great group adventure, the S showed that we simply could not do without him in the game !

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