The hoodie has invaded the dressings. Comfortable, stylish, warm… it adapts to all looks. A true chameleon of fashion, it is worn with a tracksuit bottom as well as with a skirt and heels. No wonder the signature hoodie from PXP is proudly worn by the biggest names in French rap !

Appearing in the late 1920s in the US, the hoodie was initially reserved for workers in cold storage before being taken over by athletes who put it on to warm up after a sports session. It was the famous boxer Mohamed Ali who would have brought him to the fore. A few decades later, American rappers seized it by making it the symbol of gangs. No wonder, that still today, some people keep a bad image of this sweater stamped in the memories for many years «gangsta rap».

 Project X Paris

A sweatshirt in each locker room

In the 1990s, major fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger were the first to change the codes of hoodies to make them “acceptable” to everyone. Having become «preppy», the hoodie began to invade the locker rooms of fashionistas seeing a comfortable and ultra-stylish garment. Today, a must-have piece of a well-thought-out urban fashion, it is a casual that has become established in mainstream fashion. Teenagers, women, men… Whatever his style or his age we will always know how to associate it. No wonder the sweatshirt is worn with tapered pants and loafers for men as well as over a long skirt and pumps for women or, for a total streetwear and unisex look, with a jogging bottom and sneakers latest generation. Ultra-canon look guaranteed and validated by many figures of streetwear with which Project X Paris collaborated !  

 Project X Paris

The rappers, the influencers

Very early rappers associated their art with essential fashion pieces. Streetwear and rap have been an inseparable duo for decades or nothing is left to chance. On the contrary, everything is precise and very whimsical and the looks spicy. 

"The truth is, I don’t know how you can separate music from fashion. For me, these two arts have always been deeply intertwined. That’s how my entire generation grew up— I can’t imagine that one of them exists without being deeply influenced by the other,” said Olivier Rousteing, artistic director of Balmain, at the Paris 2021 fashion week. If this was true for US rappers, the French had more difficulty to display at their beginning a well-asserted style often choosing sobriety. In question? A desire on the part of the artists to focus on their music and texts but also because the musical style has long suffered from a bad reputation. The brands were therefore wary of the idea of associating with rappers and of the image that would be reflected. Fortunately, after a few years of maturation, the famous stylist is far from being the only one to see things from this angle. The tide has shifted since some American artists, such as Pharrell Williams, refined their style and moved closer to major fashion houses such as Louis Vuiton and Dior to help them. A small revolution that emulated French rappers who no doubt felt liberated and no longer hesitated to affirm their look. Aesthetics is now part of the overall creative process and their looks allow them to differentiate themselves. 

 Project X Paris

The same DNA

This musical style, the most listened to in France, gather thousands of fans and carry the values of urban fashion. Just like PXP! Indeed, since its beginnings, our leading streetwear brand in France, wants to democratize this trend coming from the street. Inclusive brand, our outfits are for everyone without distinction of sex, age, style or skin colors! Among the main and essential pieces of our collection, the hoodie embroidered with a large signature Project X Paris on the chest, iconic logo of the brand. He has adapted over the years and seasons by changing his colors while keeping his character. Sometimes sober with pastel or dark colors or sometimes flashy with bright colors like orange, yellow or even pink. So many colors that allow men and women to wear it proudly. You will probably not be surprised to hear that this is the most sold model since the creation of the brand! 

 Project X Paris

New wave

It is without doubt all this that has seduced many French rappers, coming from different universes. In France, there is no doubt that PXP is the brand that federates the most artists.

Soso Maness, Bosh, Da Uzi, Bolemvn, Uzi, 1PLIKE140… Rising or established stars do not hesitate to display themselves proudly with our hoodies or our accessories such as the signature cap or the bag. During one of our shooting campaigns we could see 1PLIKE140, one of the forerunners of the drill in France, wearing the black sweatsuit set stamped with the white logo or the singer Rosinia, nicknamed the princess of the 91, and made its name through its Tik Tok account, which was sapped in total look PXP. Sign that Project X Paris continues to attract more and more attention and that the brand perfectly sticks to this urban spirit, especially carried by rap, the artist of Martinique origin Kalash, golden record with his album Tombolo, or Gambino, nugget of French rap, have agreed to pose for one of our latest campaigns! We could not be more proud that artists with fresh and impactful talent represent our brand so well ! 

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