After conquering the French capital, Project X Paris quickly extended its influence to offer you its different collections of streetwear for men and women in the boutiques that have opened all over France. You now have access to the best streetwear right next to your home. 

And on top of that, it's your favorite rap and hip-hop stars who have opened all the new urban street stores of the project x paris brand !

How did Project X Paris become the number 1 French streetwear boutique ?

As you may know, the brand Project X Paris was born in 2015 when two French designers made the choice to create a bold and avant-garde streetwear brand. After a huge success on the Internet it quickly seduced abroad, in Dubai or London for example. Faced with the extent of the phenomenon and the growing demand for streetwear in France, PXP decided to strengthen its territorial network in order not to forget the real base of its fanbase: the neighborhoods of Île-de-France. To stay in touch with customers, the brand has opened several stores in the largest shopping malls in Paris. With often surprises for the fans: their favorite stars came to give us strength. The proof that the brand Project X is validated by the street and by the stars.

In total, Project X Paris now has more than 50 official stores including 20 franchises. Each time with the same high quality standards for our customers, who are delighted to finally be able to try on the jogging suits, sweatshirts, jeans ... that they saw online. All of this in beautiful, modern boutiques custom decorated to present the collections in the best possible light. It must be said that there is a lot of work to do, since PXP unveils new pieces very frequently throughout the year. It is in the Paris suburbs, the cradle of urban culture in France, where PXP has the most concept stores: More than 10 stores in IDF! 

Since 2019, the brand has continued to grow and is now expanding throughout France with the opening of stores in the North, in Rouen for example, and also in the South of France in Marseille. Indeed, Project X is now very present in the city of Marseille, thanks to its 3 stores in the biggest shopping malls of the city, one of which is located on a historical street not far from the Old Port of Marseille: in the Saint-Ferréol street, but also thanks to its numerous collaborations with the biggest stars of hip-hop in Marseille such as Naps, Soso Maness or SCH. Project X Paris, has also presented a brand new capsule for fans of the city and its lifestyle.

The Marseille Crew capsule takes us on a journey to the south of France, playing on the world-famous colors of sky blue and white, an invitation to travel between land and sea and the embodiment of a Mediterranean lifestyle.

The brand does not stop there and confirms its desire to expand internationally with its franchise in Dubai in one of the largest shopping malls in the world: the Dubai Mall. Known for its impressive surface area, which is equivalent to more than 24 soccer fields, this place is a true temple of fashion that attracts more than 50 million visitors every year. Today, PXP is tackling the Spanish market and is setting up shop in San Fernando, where the shorts and t-shirt sets are already a hit.

We can therefore measure the progress made in only 6 years of existence, looking back on the highlights, such as the opening of one of our former Parisian concept stores. Very soon after, we were able to welcome the immense Aya Nakamura, then in full rise thanks to her first successes such as "Comportement". The artist honored us with a memorable signing session, we let you imagine the number of people who came to try to approach the star. An unforgettable and founding moment for the rise of PXP.

When singers, influencers and footballers send force to Project X Paris !

After the opening of the first stores, the brand continued its expansion into the most exclusive shopping centers of the region. One of which we are most proud is obviously the store located in the Aeroville shopping center, on the border of Roissy and Tremblay, right on the boundary between the 93 and the 95, great places active in the urban cultures in France. If we appreciate it so much, it's because it's the closest store to our offices in the 95, and also because we had other unforgettable moments there, like the signing session of Naza for example. It's one of the stores we're most proud of at Project X.

With the new stores in Marseille, the rappers come directly to meet the PXP Team to shop and buy the latest sets of tracksuits. This is the case of Soso Maness who came to visit us at the shopping center Les Terrasse du Port. 

Of course, it doesn't stop there. We have to talk about one of the most important moments in the history of PXP: the opening of the Project X Paris store in the Belle Épine shopping center, in Thiais, in the 94 department. With notably the Vegedream showcase that followed, accompanied by one of the best dance collectives in the region: the Undergroove Crew. Only a few months after the victory in the World Cup, it was the opportunity to hear again the incredible hit of Vegedream, "Bring the cup home", which culminates in almost 300 million views. An incredible show, very energetic with a huge crowd that came to the event: rarely has the brand had the opportunity to feel so much love and strength from everyone. A rare moment, therefore, for which we will be eternally grateful to you but also to the artist. Because the star has continued to accompany the brand over the years, also participating in shows in our Marseille stores, which we will tell you about soon.

A big thank you to Vegedream, who proudly wore our colors. But also to Gradur who was present to put the atmosphere during the opening of our store in the Qwartz shopping center, in Villeneuve-la-Garenne. Gradur is not the only influencer to have sent us all his strength. During a show followed by a signing session, with, obviously, hundreds of people who came to attend the event. 

There was also a lot of people at the signing session of Koba la D in the Project X Paris store in Carré Sénart, in 2019. More than 500 people had indeed come to observe the young phenomenon and to take part in the contest to win sweaters and jogging Project X. We would like to thank the many people who, during these events, approached our staff to learn more about the brand, so that today we can spread our brand to the four corners of the world. It is usual to see fans coming only to see the artists and attend the show in these moments, but you have constantly shown your support by being more and more numerous to follow us, on social networks, in the street and in our stores. Thanks to you, Project X Paris has been able to establish itself as the number 1 French brand in streetwear, even being worn by international stars like Neymar or French Montana. Don't doubt it, you make us want to continue and we're preparing some heavy stuff for you in every city !

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