From November 10 to 13, in the concept store of Miramas took place an event that was a great success with fans of original clothes and streetwear. Back on this successful Fashion Festival.

The Fashion Festival: a successful bet !

When you are interested in streetwear, you quickly get an overview of the different brands and what they can offer in terms of clothes, cuts, materials. It sometimes becomes difficult to remain original. But fortunately, the designers are redoubling their ideas to give a second wind to your clothes. In Miramas, a Project X Paris franchise store located in the south of France, we opted for the custom / personalization of products, all during a special event with a decor and a story-telling worked: the "Fashion Festival".

An idea that came spontaneously to the store's staff, and of which the PXP brand is obviously very proud. They even came up with a whole concept and atmosphere around the event, which took place from November 10 to 13. The central point of the Fashion Festival was obviously the Lab, the customization workshop set up for buyers. You could buy your t-shirt, or your Project X jacket, and bring it directly to the "Chemist" (who was a big hit with people), to add personal touches to your clothes. 

This "custom" side has a growing place in the streetwear universe, and has been popularized by sneaker customization workshops, especially for the last ten years. But it is possible to adapt it to textile pieces, even if it requires work and meticulousness (with a rather complicated handling of bleach, for example). Qualities that Loris, Josué, Gregory and the other members of the Miramas staff demonstrated during the 4 days of the Festival. In his "Lab", the chemist worked hard to make the Project X Paris sapes even more original, according to the customers' wishes. To perfect the atmosphere, a DJ was also present on site, playing the best sounds of the moment. 

Several dozen pieces were redesigned during the Festival, with each time conquered buyers, who gave a lot of visibility to the event via their social networks. Besides the customization workshop, the central part of the Lab, we also had some animations, some debates around fashion, but also some fashion shows. So we had a real moment of celebration of the streetwear spirit and a little crazy / eccentric sometimes, which makes the identity of the brand Project X Paris.

We can say that this event was a beautiful and unexpected success, especially if we judge by the return of the people present on the spot, whether it is the buyers or the staff. It was the first edition of this Fashion Festival Project X Paris, and in view of the feedback we can tell you that there is a strong chance that there will be more.  Because it is through this kind of small parties that we consolidate our presence in the world of streetwear, which has always been a world where the events, "the place to be" or else miss something, are important in the history that writes a brand. We'll keep you posted on what's next !

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