You could notice it in the streets lately, the meeting of baroque style and streetwear gives incredible results. Project X Paris innovated by proposing a collection completely inspired by the baroque style, and it was invited everywhere: Ninho, Cyril Hanouna, and even in the season 2 of Lupin !

When the finesse of luxury meets the street

Nothing destined the world of the street to meet the baroque style, inspired by the Renaissance period. First defined as a term of architecture, it has gradually spread to all layers of creation such as painting, sculpture, to the opera. The style is characterized by a kind of exaggeration of details, forms, with many effects of contrast. At first glance, it is hard to imagine how to adapt this idea to streetwear. And yet. Inspired by the recent baroque collections of Italian high fashion brands, Project X Paris decided to adapt the concept to offer a collection very inspired by the street, to the point of being worn by Ninho, the number 1 rapper in France today and a true icon of his generation. 

The connections between the streetwear and high fashion worlds have become much more intense today, and the two worlds influence each other, to the point that rappers can end up collaborating with fashion designers. The baroque style was the perfect opportunity for Project X to offer a capsule that brought together the most "basic" streetwear (tracksuits, t-shirts) with the most vibrant baroque effects. The goal was to create a collection a little more refined and radically different from what has been unveiled so far, while keeping the guideline of a garment that must remain street. This time, no big logos or tie and dye effects, the work is done via prints directly integrated into the fabric for an optimal visual rendering. 

The golden details are very present on the whole collection, it is the most obvious baroque touch. The goal was to make the pieces more "noble" thanks to the effect of the very bright gold reflections, while creating a contrast with very dark colors around the prints, to make them stand out better. But very quickly, we realized that it worked almost as well by putting the gold prints on white fabrics, as in the tracksuit worn by Ninho during our last shoot with him. So people can choose the color according to their mood: a darker, street look on black/gold, or a much brighter, flashier look on white/gold. With each time, a tracksuit with a zipped jacket, as well as a small polo shirt with a zipped collar also very effective.

For the occasion, PXP chose to revisit its logo to offer an even more stylish version with an "autograph" effect. Last piece of the collection, the inevitable hoodie that Ninho always wears so well. It must be said that between NI and hoodies, it is a real love story, as often with rappers. At Project X, we are obviously very happy with the positive feedback from artists on this baroque collection. At the same time, the exaggeration of details with contrasts and golden tints, it fits well in the world of rappers, always in the madness of grandeur. For Ninho, it gives him a little side "princely" that suits him very well, and we really look forward to try this kind of experience with their young prodigy of French rap. But the piece can also be worn in a more discreet way, as in the episode 2 of the season 2 of Lupin, during a passage with the very young Assane Diop played by Mamadou Haïdara.

The Barock Club from the Baba Collab collection

But rappers aren't the only ones who go overboard, and Cyril Hanouna, the most boisterous, exuberant and energetic host on the air, won't tell you otherwise. Never the last one when it's time to outdo a joke or a foolishness, Cyril, or "Baba" as he is now called, is also a fan of rap, urban culture, and also of current fashion and streetwear. Maybe this is the reason why he is one of the hosts with a huge sympathy rating: he is close to people and sometimes dresses on the set as one would dress in the street. Not a lot of suits in his on-set wardrobe, but rather trendy streetwear, with stylish zip-up jackets and sometimes very exuberant, street-style pieces. This second part of the Baba-collab was therefore a child's play for us because PXP and Cyril Hanouna expect the same thing from a garment: that it stands out. 

Baba played the game, and he even liked the collab' so much that he even wore it on set. It must be said that the pieces are very attractive and make a strong impression, while remaining in this baroque spirit, this time with some small differences. Rather than confining the details to one part of the garment (torso/sleeves for the t-shirt for example), we chose to make them as large as possible and put them on the whole garment. The goal was also to propose clothes in a more summery mood, more sunny, and it is mission accomplished, in particular with the two shirts (short or long sleeves) which are really very successful. But we are also very proud of the set Bomber jacket + baroque style track pants, which is clearly the most ambitious and innovative piece of this collection. The articulation around the 4 colors blue/white/black/gold with the very exaggerated details perfectly embodies the synthesis between the luxurious side of the baroque style and the street side. Also available, the Baba-Collab baroque t-shirt is a much more discreet piece, which is surely easier to match with clothes of another style. We advise you to take advantage of it, because the collection was especially thought for the summer, and we are in the middle of it !

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