A major global event, the Cannes Film Festival is synonymous with glamour and prestige. If the big names of the 7th art come en masse, for a few years the red carpet is also trodden by emerging artists who have experienced success thanks to a popularity gained on social networks. Influencers break the well-established codes and make a place for themselves on the Croisette ! 

This year again, influencers and actors were on the same footing at the 74th Cannes Film Festival. And even if this novelty was not necessarily to everyone's taste, it is clear that the stars of social networks were in the spotlight and have attracted all eyes. With Tik Tok or Instagram accounts that exceed one million followers, these 2.0 artists have created their own rules of the game and redefined the contours of popularity by democratizing it and opening it to parts of society that were previously excluded. They prove that everything is possible and that not everything is reserved for a certain elite! Major events, such as the Cannes Film Festival, have understood that from now on they are an integral part of the landscape and that in order to continue to be as attractive and seductive as ever, they must be counted on. 

Red carpet and star life

Having influencers on the Croisette has become a must for the festival. To welcome its new protégés as it should, the event had put the package: tour of rooftops, privatization of luxury villas and yachts, meals at the table of chefs and very posh parties ... and, of course, the very media climb of the steps! And as if it were still necessary, for the first time this year, a partnership was even realized between Instagram and Meta (ex Facebook) and the Palais Bulle to welcome nearly 300 handpicked influencers from around the world. A real architectural UFO, this complex imagined by the Hungarian Anti Lovagg in the 1970s sits on the bay of Cannes. A highly Instagrammable place, often used for fashion shows, where the stars of social networks could pose and thus make their counter explode! If Instagram had already invited itself in previous years to the festival, never before it had realized an operation of such magnitude. 

Fukay poses with PXP at the Palais Bulle

Among the guests, French influencers, such as Natoo, the former Miss France Iris Mittenaere, as well as Just Riadh and Fatou Guinea Kaba. But also international figures like the huge Khaby Lame known for his short humorous videos that delight his 142 million subscribers on Tik Tok! Was also present the famous youtuber Fukay ! The Belgian star of social networks and his sidekick Boris Becker, known for their pranks, are pros of hidden cameras that they realize in the street in order to trap passers-by, in particular with the famous character "grandma Fukay". The Belgian is also at the origin of the concept "neither yes nor no with a pledge" in live on the web where he invites known and unknown people. His lives are watched by tens of thousands of people ! A hit for this young man of only 24 years who has nearly 800 000 followers on Instagram and 1.8 million on Tik Tok! A phenomenon ! During his visit to Cannes he was the guest, for a day, of the Palais Bulle. The young Belgian has measured his luck and took the opportunity to pose in Project X Paris. On the occasion of this unusual shooting, in this place that has a dozen suites, a panoramic lounge and a large amphitheater of 500 seats with sea view, Fukay chose to wear a beige set in pleated and fluid material to be both chic and casual. An outfit that seems to have seduced his community who massively praised his look! Fukai sent Project X Paris directly to the Cannes Film Festival !

The inhabitants of Cannes caught in the trap

During their short stay, the two comedians @mr_boris_beker and @fukay1070 took the opportunity to make several humorous videos that have made tens of thousands of views. Comfortably installed in their car, we see them trapping passers-by ! In one of his videos Fukai wears a PXP blue and pink shirt/shorts with palm tree prints. The ideal outfit for the beautiful days and be comfortable and stylish during the day ! Boris Becker is also a fan of our brand and recently proved it during a shoot where he wore the colors of Project X Paris. For the occasion, the comedian chose to wear very 90's outfits, like the Capsule University collection and its famous University Bomber jacket. A must-have worn by rappers, athletes and other stars of the time. The signature sweatshirt, timeless and timeless, also caught the eye of the star who started shooting comedy videos on the street in 2017. Known thanks to his gags where he imitates a fake English accent, the Belgian Youtuber is now a must-see on networks where he gathers 2.3 million followers on Intagram and 45 million views on TikTok! More proof that urban culture is everywhere ! 

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