An unavoidable phenomenon of urban cultures since the 70s (and even before), street art has a special place among the 5 disciplines that make up hip hop. It has become a recognized art form and is respected all over the world. Street art also influences the world of fashion, and at PXP we decided to pay tribute to it through very successful capsules.

From the streets of New York to art galleries around the world

Tagging, graffiti, or street art as it is more generically called today, has considerably marked the world cultural landscape. The phenomenon is far from being new, and men already drew on the walls in the caves of Lascaux, or during the great demonstrations of the 20th century. But these drawings always had another use: to celebrate an event, or to pass political messages. From the 70's, graffiti took a major artistic turn, having no other ambition than the aesthetic and transgressive side (the practice remains forbidden in many places still today). Whether it is simply to mark one's name in stylized letters, or to make a real mural with characters, street artists have multiplied and their art has spread everywhere.

Graffiti is one of the 5 pillars of hip-hop culture, along with breakdance, rap, DJing and beatbox. Along with rap and dance, it is obviously one of the most successful disciplines, because practicing street art does not necessarily require a lot of equipment to start, just like rapping or dancing. Graffiti has become very popular and is a real generational phenomenon, and almost everyone who was a teenager in the 80s and 90s has tried to get into it. The phenomenon has become so inescapable that even the most renowned museums of contemporary art have been forced to open their doors to street art, after having long considered the discipline in a haughty manner. Street art is inseparable from the aesthetics of hip-hop, and has therefore also considerably influenced the most modern designers and fashion creators, as well as brands.

Street art capsules at PXP

At Project X Paris, our love for street art is not new. Almost 3 years ago, we unveiled a mini-capsule inspired by the world of graffiti. Great lord, it is Koba La D himself who came to give us strength for a shooting of anthology, assured by Fifou himself, the king of the photos in this French rap game. Since then, we have further strengthened our game and we took advantage of the 2022 season to unveil 3 capsules inspired by street art. The first one we're going to talk about is the new Graffiti capsule. A small collection for men that smells good summer, with its rather bright colors, as for the Graffiti t-shirt gradient green or purple. That you can obviously match with the Graffiti shorts that go well, or the tracksuit bottoms which is also the same colors. The graffiti patterns cover all the pieces and make this capsule a future streetwear must-have at PXP, with always this side a little exuberant that characterizes us.

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

The second capsule we will talk about is the Splash capsule. The collection is again directly inspired by street art, with patterns "paint stain" that are a nod to an aesthetic a little destroy often associated with street art. The patterns surround the logo "Project X Paris" on the chest, but it remains quite sober and minimalist, which makes the pieces are sober and rather classy, as the round neck sweatshirt with logo and tasks in print, in its white or beige color. If you want to be a little more relaxed, the round neck t-shirt with logo and paint spots in print will be perfect for that. Again, it is available in 3 colors, white, beige or black, to be married with jeans, and why not also a jacket to complete the outfit. Here again, the collection is rather streetwear oriented for men.

Finally, the third capsule, which is perhaps the most ambitious, and especially the most advanced in terms of the various small details present on the pieces. The capsule is called Underground, and it is also a street art piece since the Project X Paris logo has been completely revisited, and even completed by a huge graffiti "STREET", drawn in tribute to the art of tagging. For this capsule, rather mid-season, we have 4 pieces: a hoodie man, declined in 3 colors (pink, white and black). We also have a very design t-shirt, again with the same colors. Finally, for the bottom, we have the shorts printed streetart as well as the bottom of survet printed streetart, with the same ranges of color, for successful sets. Many patterns, logos and writings have been added to some strategic places of the pieces: on the torso, the sides, on the hood, or on the sleeves. A practice at the forefront of the trend since the explosion of Off White, a brand also very inspired by street art and urban cultures. We have a big crush on the hoodie, central piece of the streetwear collection, which can really go with many things, while remaining a garment that is far from being neutral. 

Street art in almost all our events

As you can see, at PXP we love the street art universe, we try to put some of it in each event we organize. And especially when we celebrate the opening of a new store. These openings have always created a lot of buzz, for several years, with the arrival of some stars. But also thanks to the various workshops of personalization that we propose now quite often. Like recently, at the opening of the Project X Paris shop in Honfleur Normandy Outlet. An opening that was a great success, with a lot of people attending the weekend of March 11 to 13, 2022. So much so that we were congratulated by the other stores of the center for our dynamism. We have to say that the animations were incredible: the musical atmosphere was provided by DJ Tiskaz, and K€[email protected] made customizations on sneakers, or streetwear accessories. 

Young local influencers like CallMeParadise also joined the party, and PXP really got a lot of traction on this store opening placed under the streetwear sign. Still in this love of street art, a graphic designer made a splendid painting representing a portrait of Bosh, who is one of the muses of Project X Paris, during the opening of our store in Perpignan. We are obviously delighted to be able to create bridges between street art, streetwear and urban cultures thanks to this kind of small events, or in our collections. And we hope that the street-artists will still be numerous to inspire us all!

 Project X Paris
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