Before going back to the news, we wanted to look back on the crazy year 2021 that we lived at Project X. Because this year, we changed again dimension, by proposing more pieces, more collaborations, more partnerships, with an always growing success. A little non-exhaustive flashback of our streetwear news!

According to the tradition, we have until the end of January to wish our friends and family a happy new year. So it's with a little delay, but a lot of love that we at PXP wish you a wonderful year 2022. And as the tradition wants it, it's also the moment to make a small assessment on all that happened for us during the previous year, because we had a lot, a lot of news, and you probably missed some things. Plus, it's the sales right now, so you'll be able to make up for it at a discounted price if you missed out on a capsule! Let's go for the 2021 flashback.

Project X Paris and the rap game: a rolling business

This year has been the one where PXP has considerably occupied the field in the rap game, thanks to collabs with the artists at the top of the hype. Starting with Bosh, of course, with whom we had already worked in the past, but who came again to give us strength to help us highlight the Origin capsule, including the sweat suit and jogging bottoms signed Project X Paris. His ultra aggressive and powerful character seems to have been cut for our Over Stuff or Utility pieces, in any case it matches perfectly.

One of our other great pride is to have worked with Uzi, an emerging figure of the French rap scene. One of the future stars of the French rap game, but who has already climbed a lot of steps with big successes, like his album "Cœur Abîmé". With his youth and his confidence, it allowed us to make him taste the most extravagant and original pieces of our collections, and guess what: he loved it! Especially the tie and dye colors or the Brush capsule, with the PXP logo on the whole garment.

What was also very important for us was the fact that we managed to export to Marseille and even to the rappers of Marseille. Not necessarily the most motivated when it comes to wearing clothes with "Paris" written on them, but they sent us a lot of strength. In particular Soso Maness, the child of the northern districts, who brought us his good mood and his mischievous side. Big fan of sapes and streetwear, Soso showed that he was as comfortable with our classic pieces (red signature sweater) as with the most unusual ones (tie and dye colors, denim jacket,...). 

But Soso is not the only one from Marseille to have worked with Project X Paris this year. We also had the right to a splendid collaboration with Naps, another hyper important figure of the rap from Marseille. We knew he was also a big fan of sapes, with his shirts in the style "Miami / Tony Montana" worn in some clips. The rapper went up to Paris for a shooting already cult, in a beautiful house not far from the Louvre, and it was the opportunity for him to represent his city with the capsule Marseille crew, and also our most beautiful sweatshirts and hoodies. 

A lot of PXP capsules : One Piece, Papillon,...

If we've been very active with the rap game, we've also been unleashed on other fronts, like the Capsules. Starting with our biggest success in this category: the Project X Paris x One Piece collaboration. A success that can be explained as much by the quality of the pieces offered as by the incredible enthusiasm of fans when it comes to the One Piece phenomenon, one of the major works of the current culture. First of all, the signature pieces, like the signature hoodie or the signature t-shirt. Pieces that worked so well that they were out of stock, but are now available again. We also had less classic pieces, like the One Piece all-over t-shirt, or the CREW t-shirts and sweatshirts. 

We have not forgotten the bottom in this capsule, and there are also several ranges of tracksuits inspired by the manga, with again all-over, signature. This collection released at the end of the year was a real tidal wave, whether online on our site or in store. We hope to repeat this kind of experience in the future, collections directly inspired by pop culture monuments, it allows to get out of its comfort zone and reach a completely unexpected audience not interested in streetwear at the base. 

Another big hit of the year was the brush capsule, worn by a lot of rappers, characterized by "all-over" models, where PXP logos cover the whole garment, and also a lot of unisex models, a leading trend in streetwear. It is now one of our most identifiable capsules. Among our other big successes that have helped impose the spirit of the brand in 2021, we also find the Butterfly capsule, a little less diverse, a little easier to access, more discreet, but devilishly effective too. Bonus point for the ladies: a model of jeans with butterfly embroidery was designed specifically for the collection.

We've already told you about the Marseille Crew capsule, a big success with our friends in the South, but a Paris Crew capsule was also unveiled, with many different shades and clothes. Both worked really well, we thank the two Crews to have supported us in this way. Another big success, especially in this winter period, the whole Soft Mood capsule, the best to fight against the cold, or just to go into cocooning mode. Jogging, sweatshirt (with or without hood), pilou-pilou, overshirt, in short, everything you need to not suffer from these hostile temperatures, with style. 

More and more contests

Another area in which we worked hard for this year 2021, is the contests, and more generally what we do to thank you for all the strength you give us. We organized a lot of small events with draws, but also games of a little larger scale, like the contest that allowed you to win one of three pairs of sneakers to have this year: the Yeezy 700 V3, the Air Jordan OG Low SP Fragment by Travis Scott, or the Nike Dunk Low Off-White, by the late Virgil Abloh. A great success, we were very happy to offer you this, especially since at Project X Paris, we do not yet have our own model of sneakers.

But obviously, the contest that worked the best was the one that offered you to become an ambassador for PXP! A kind of big casting with a total of more than 100 winners, who will accompany us during the whole 2022 season, which will also be (we hope) very agitated in terms of our news. The goal was to find personalities who stand out from the crowd, influencers, artists, comedians in the making, who all have an attachment to Project X and streetwear in general, to work with them. On the program, a lot of events, a lot of collab on social networks, vouchers, this year this contest was a success even more than the others. 

So much so that major media such as Voici, Closer or Cosmopolitan took the opportunity to talk about the brand. Proof that PXP is truly becoming a must-have brand in today's fashion world. Finally, the icing on the cake this year was our advent calendar, with a PS5 to win, or an iPhone 13, sneakers. We really want to increase the frequency of these contests as well as their scope and we hope that our community will continue to support us so much with each initiative.

Stores in the largest cities in France and Belgium

Finally, where we have perhaps made the most progress is in our territorial coverage. Project X Paris has succeeded in establishing itself in the largest cities in France by opening boutiques and concept stores. Today, we have about 40 PXP stores, which is a real success for us. We have many stores in the Paris area, of course, but also several in Marseille, Lyon, Perpignan, Toulouse, Calais, Béziers and many others. Beyond the official PXP stores, a lot of resellers have started to work with us, so you can find us in other shops. 

We also decided to expand our borders. We had often been validated abroad (Dubai, London), but we had never been as much in demand as by our Belgian friends. The brand has a lot more on the other side of the border and in front of the growing demand, we also decided to install some stores in the biggest cities of Belgium. For all that you have allowed us to do, by supporting us in every initiative, we thank you. And we swear that we will try to make 2022 at least as exciting for us!

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