The manga One Piece has become a worldwide phenomenon. The best-selling manga of all time, it has obviously greatly influenced pop culture far beyond the borders of Japan, including in French rap, very fan of the work until being found in an exclusive collection of clothing One Piece x Project X Paris.

The greatest manga in history ?

One Piece has become a central element in the world pop culture. For those who missed the phenomenon, it’s a shonen, a manga rather for teenagers. It started to be published in 1997, and it is still not finished, 100 volumes later. Created by Eiichiro Oda, the series has sold more than 470 million copies in 43 different countries. A score absolutely hallucinating, both in terms of the number of volumes released and in terms of success. A success that has made this colossal work a true monument of the culture of all teenagers of the years 2000/2010. It is not surprising to see this series inspiring rappers, fashion designers, artists: One Piece has infused everywhere.

This incredible success makes it probably the greatest manga in history, it has even replaced Dragon Ball or Naruto among the youngest, but also among the more seasoned manga fans. It must be said that the scenario of One Piece is that of an epic and breathtaking epic. Luffy, the boy with the straw hat and whose body has amazing properties, travels the Grand Line Ocean with his crew, in order to find the One Piece, the ultimate treasure that will make him become the leader of the pirates. On the way, they obviously meet many mythical villains like Doflamingo. The characters are all quite endearing, there is humor, the story is gripping, in short, all the ingredients were present for the series to be a hit. And it was the case, since One Piece became one of the most profitable franchises in history. 

Today, almost no French rap album is released without a reference to One Piece and its pirates (like Orelsan for example in one of his old freestyles). This is the proof that in addition to having sold well, the work has really spread to all levels of society. It is even going to be re-adapted as a series on Netflix, and I can tell you that it will probably be one of the biggest successes in the platform's history. Because the manga has hardcore fans who want to give strength to everything that is closely related to their favorite work. And it's a good thing, because at Project X Paris, we have just released an exclusive collection in collaboration with One Piece. A collection that is already a hit, of course.

PXP x One Piece: quasi-customized streetwear

The One Piece universe is full of a multitude of characters, all striking or useful in one way or another, with particular traits that mark the minds of the viewers. So we saw very broad at Project X Paris with a collection that includes a lot of characters, colors and different designs. This streetwear / manga connection is not the first one (we remember the DBZ sneakers) but it is the only one to be so diversified. The goal was to offer One Piece clothing in a quasi-customized way: with the number of different colors, characters and designs, you will surely find what suits you and there is little risk to see everyone wearing the same shirt.

Because the collection includes a huge choice of One Piece t-shirts. There are of course the models with big prints on the front of the chest, representing either Zoro or Luffy. The whole, available in several colors, from black to red through the blue "clouds" which is surely one of the most original. We also have a whole range of One Piece "Crew" tee shirts, with the logo on the chest and the prints on the back. Finally, the most daring piece: the "All Over" t-shirt, a model that is covered with patterns representing the mythical characters of the series like Chopper, Nami, Usopp and many others. Here again, many combinations are offered by Project X Paris with at least 6 colors and 6 different characters represented on the patterns.

We will now move on to another highlight of the PXP x One Piece collection : the hoodies. One of the most essential pieces of a streetwear panoply today, as we explained in one of our previous articles. Here again, several models of hoodies are available. We find in particular the models with big prints of Zoro or Luffy on the chest, in several colors (there again, the blue "cloud" and the beige are very effective with very trendy colors at the moment). Behind, there is a brief summary of the One Piece saga printed on the upper back. But there is also a whole range of hoodies "all over", with the small patterns reproduced on the entire surface of the garment, and several colors.

Sweatshirts that can also be worn with the matching jogging bottoms, for a "sweat suit" effect of the best effect. The "all over" jogging bottoms are also effective and comfortable. Finally, for those who prefer something a little different, there are also One Piece sweatshirts with a round neck available in 4 colors. The sweatshirts have the "crew" logo of Project X Paris printed on the chest and prints that represent the crew that supports Luffy in his quest for One Piece, the famous "Nakama", his comrades. In short, you will have understood, whether you are a fan of manga or streetwear (or both), this one piece x PXP collection will inevitably contain a piece that will suit you. Besides, you can see it by the success of this collaboration: the pieces are sold out pretty fast everywhere in France in our stores, or in our 1500 official retailers around the world. 

French original version translated by DeepL

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