New streatwear shop in Marseille : discover the Project X Marseille Crew clothes !

After shaking up the codes of streetwear in the Paris region, PXP has decided to continue its expansion. Abroad, but also in France: your favourite brand has gone in search of the sun, in Marseille, with a brand new Marseille / Paris collection.

Marseille has a special place in streetwear today, as well as in all urban cultures in France. It is notably thanks to them that football club tracksuits have come back into fashion, with an aesthetic purpose, and not simply to mark one's affection for a particular club. They also brought back the exuberant Miami and Tony Montana inspired designs. A real taste for underwear, with a penchant for the uninhibited and the original: this fits perfectly with the state of mind sought by Project X Paris.

Following the affinities and growing demand of our customers in the south of France, Project X Paris quickly moved closer to the city of Marseille by opening three boutiques in and around the city: one in the Grand Littoral shopping centre, another in the Terrasses du Port, and the last one a little further downtown, in rue Saint-Ferréol, the city's historic shopping street. Today, there are more and more bridges between Paname and Marseille, particularly in terms of urban fashion.

It is no coincidence that the successes of the great Marseilles stars of the moment, such as SCH, Soso Maness, Naps and many others, go far beyond the borders of their city. The two cities are now connected, and when you go down south, you are very welcome. To celebrate this spirit of connection, Project X Paris has decided to release special Paris / Marseille capsules. The products appear on the official website under the name "Project X Paris Crew" and "Project X Marseille Crew", they are also available in our Project X Paris streetwear shops if you ever want to see them up close or try them on before buying.

There's something for everyone: beautiful hoodies in particular, with for example a set of sky blue tracksuits, inspired by the colours of Olympique de Marseille, the city's emblematic club, but also of a whole generation of football fans. Soso Maness tried and adopted the model, as well as Naps who preferred another colour. On the Paris side, it was obviously Uzi who presented the very effective red and black model. Beyond the hoodie, we also have the unavoidable jogging bottoms, available in the "Marseille Crew" and "Paris Crew" models. Unisex clothing that we are really proud of, and for those who have already switched to summer mode, we also have shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts. Again, Marseille, Paris, choose your side and your colour, or take both!

PXP is really happy to be able to offer this streetwear collection that surfs on the trends of the two biggest French cities, Paris and Marseille, two very different facets of urban culture and fashion, but both capitals of French streetwear heritage. With this in mind, the brand decided very early on to collaborate with the best artists of the moment, both in Paris (Bosh, Koba la D, Ninho) and in Marseille (Soso Maness, Naps, SCH). But also with footballers, who are now key players in fashion, who have a huge influence on social networks, and who are also the first to give strength to artists or streetwear brands. After Kimpembe, David Luiz and Neymar Jr, PXP also hopes to conquer the hearts of Marseille footballers with new unique collections.

From online hip hop shop to over 50 streetwear stores: Who are we?

After the creation of the brand in 2015 by two French designers, the brand quickly exported abroad (Dubai, London) before starting to open many shops in France and becoming a major player in the streetwear industry in France. Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Project X Paris now has 30 shops and 20 franchises in the country, and we don't intend to stop there!

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