Amidst all the emerging reality TV projects, "La Mif", broadcast by Canal + via MyCanal, is among the most ambitious. The show follows the daily life of Carla and Kevin from Les Marseillais, and their gang of friends through different missions. Project X Paris was lucky enough to be able to work closely with the series.

Reality TV has not always been a popular theme in France. We remember the first shows like Loft Story, after which the candidates were released into the wild without any help from the channel with a brand new notoriety, which can be very hard to manage. But almost 20 years after the arrival of this style of TV in France, it can be said: reality TV is more established than ever. Many franchises have been created and have endured, such as Secret Story, Les Marseillais, Les Anges and La Villa des Cœurs Brisés. But if we can criticize these shows for being a bit similar, some of them try to stand out from the crowd.

 Project X Paris

This is the case of "La Mif", the show broadcast on MyCanal by Canal +. A reality show that is not a lock-in show this time and that follows Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj, two proud Marseillais, and their gang of buddies, in their daily life, spicing it up with a few missions. The series started its second season at the end of 2021, with 9 episodes scheduled, 3 more than the first season. This is due to the growing success of the series, which is explained by the sympathy and spontaneity of the characters seen on screen, but also to the notoriety of Carla and Kevin, who, with their crazy epic within Les Marseillais, have built a solid fanbase (3.3 million followers on Instagram for Carla and 2.4 for Kevin). 

Because it is not given to everyone to last in reality TV: for that, you have to get noticed, and therefore inevitably put yourself in danger and expose your character. You also have to be able to have a long-term vision, and have the solid shoulders to deal with the possible problems caused by notoriety. Because reality TV is a "no filter" genre, the reactions of the public are also quite frank and you can quickly find yourself the target of attacks on the networks or in life. But Carla and Kevin have been able to grow their image, stabilising it, especially after the announcement of their first child in 2019. And with "La Mif", they intend to give reality TV new ideas.

Project X Paris is in "La Mif"!

With this new image of a strong couple who have overcome many storms, Carla and Kevin were able to work with the production company H2O on this reality show, which is a little inspired by "The Incredible Kardashian Family" (in the everyday star aspect), but in a much more benevolent way, with a lot less tension and without the unhealthy side that could be found in the American show. The star couple and their group of friends multiply their activities in a good mood (most of the time) and without any headaches, which is a change from the very "clash" atmosphere that we sometimes find in other shows of this kind. And for this season 2, the teams have chosen to give missions that revolve around Christmas, so it's guaranteed to be a "feel good" show, even if you can obviously count on our Marseillaise to set the mood.

 Project X Paris

At Project X Paris, we always have this desire to be close to influencers and to work with them, or even simply to give strength to various projects that speak to us. So we were delighted to collaborate with the teams of "La Mif", who even went so far as to have us appear in the series, in episodes 6 and 7, when the girls are ordering gifts on our site and Carla is wearing our famous signature sweater. She wears it in cocooning mode and having tested it, it's really extremely comfortable for that purpose. We at PXP are very happy to be able to count Carla and Kevin among our fans, they are the first (after Thomas and Nabilla) to have a show centered on them and their loved ones, especially since they regularly send us strength on Instagram via stories, as well as Julien Guirado, Maissane, or Fiona who also have important roles in the show. And we are already looking forward to seeing the whole team of "La Mif" in season 3, which will be about Carla and Kevin's wedding!

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