In summer, in winter, in pants or in jacket, the jean is a real timeless among clothes. This iconic piece of Wild West history has conquered the world, but also the times. Of course, Project X Paris has taken on the task of adapting this type of fabric to current streetwear with great success.

Jeans, the first piece of streetwear history ?

Originally, the jeans are seam pants cut in a denim fabric and were mainly worn as a workwear, especially because of its resistance. The popularity of the famous pants grew during the 19th century, especially thanks to the figure of the cowboy who became legendary after the conquest of the West. But it is only in the 50s that the jeans became a must in the wardrobe of all young men. In France, it quickly got a bad press because of the Blousons Noirs. And if there are guys who knew the street at the time, and who used the clothes to mark their belonging to a "movement", it is well them. So we could say that jeans are one of the very first "streetwear" clothes, worn by street guys, even if the concept didn't exist yet.

Little by little, the jeans are accepted everywhere as a leisure wear, mainly among young people, before contaminating all environments, even professional, and all generations. But above all, it has evolved enormously over the last 40 years. Sizes, cuts, shapes, aspects and even colors, everything has been modified according to the trends. Women have also taken hold of the phenomenon, which has further opened up the possibilities for designers and fashion creators. Project X Paris decided to revisit the jeans and bring its touch to make this denim even more in the spirit of streetwear brand, and we can say that it is rather successful. Between pieces in a rather retro style, and others straightforwardly avant-garde, we can say that the catalog is well filled since more than 160 products Jean / Denim are available on our website and in our stores.

Project X Paris / Jean: a connection that works

Jeans are therefore a must for all streetwear brands. It is also an essential part of the hip hop culture and urban cultures in general: whether it is the baggy for the rappers a little old school, or in "destroy" and ripped mode for the punks, every serious streetwear brand must propose a model of quality jeans. That's why at Project X we always try to offer new models to better adapt to the times and stay on top. Since we were talking about "old school", it is the occasion to present you here one of the most retro and iconic models of our catalog, the baggy jeans. A model that revisits this great classic of the 90s, PXP sauce, but in a very sober style, with a loose fit that moves away from the very thin standards of recent years, and maybe it's so much better. Loose jeans have the advantage of being sometimes more comfortable and better adapted to certain types of silhouettes. If the model is usually more male-oriented, we also adapted the idea to the female gender with a very effective wide leg model.

In a more futuristic style and which sticks a little more to the usual style of Project X Paris, we also offer a very diverse range of Cargo jeans. You know them: these famous jeans with extra pockets, to stick even more to the original spirit of "utility / workwear" jeans. Recently, we have readapted several models by offering new cuts for the most emblematic pieces of our collections. We also have brand new colors, especially on the cargo jeans, with different blues, white, black, gray, khaki, beige, with also several cuts. Impossible that you do not find happiness among the twenty different models put on sale by PXP.

We were talking earlier about a style a little more "destroy" and it is true that this style has now become a great classic of streetwear. Obviously, Project X has revisited it in its own way by offering a whole range of ripped jeans / jeans with holes, and even some models where we added other visual effects, as on the skinny jeans spotted, available in four colors. We can also add to all this the other pants with washed effect, also essential in streetwear, and even some pieces as avant-garde as the bicolor jeans, exclusively for ladies this time. Also with a lot of slim cuts, but also skinny cuts. All these models are perfect for those who want to show a more relaxed style than with more classic jeans and necessarily more formal. And you begin to know the brand, here, we like to be noticed with daring pieces.

We will finish this little article in beauty, by talking to you about pieces that are particularly dear to us. Clothes that have also entered the legend and history of fashion, but also urban cultures. A truly iconic piece: the denim jacket. This garment had gradually replaced the jacket among young people who hung out in the street, to the point of being on every movie screen in the 60s and 70s. Then the hippies appropriated the phenomenon, then the rappers but also the punk, in short: still an essential piece of streetwear. And that's good because Project X Paris also offers several models. Of course, the most iconic is the denim jacket with the woolen effect lining, a piece that was unveiled in collaboration with the incredible Soso Maness, a rap phenomenon from Marseille. The jacket comes in two colors, but for those who prefer something lighter, or more original, don't panic. PXP has created more than ten models of denim jackets, with short cuts, basic, or even in a more raw style. Again, it's impossible not to find what you're looking for !

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