When the temperatures drop, only one thing can make us leave the warmth and comfort of our duvet, the idea of slipping into a warm jacket!  Sulked for many years, because considered too sportswear and without real style, the jacket takes its revenge and signs its big return !

Winter temperatures are well established! To avoid multiplying layers and risk looking like the Michelin man, opt for an ultra-stylish down jacket! Long, oversize, thick, quilted, without handle… The jacket is a must-have that has been able to integrate into all the changing rooms, even those of the most pointed modeurs, adapting to all morphologies. Wrapped in your jacket you will be ready for all time ! For far too long, it was a technical garment, worn by hikers and sportsmen in search of a comfortable and effective garment. In spite of everything, this sportswear has achieved a fairly incredible breakthrough in the fashion industry in recent years. Today, who doesn’t have a jacket in their wardrobe? Always warm and comfortable, they knew how to transform themselves by completely rethinking themselves. Women, men, children, from the most classic look to the most underground through streetwear, all the big names in fashion have slipped this outfit in their shelves! Project X Paris, has obviously not missed this trend and offers different models and colors each more hot than the other and of course always in the vein streetwear PXP ! The hardest thing will be to decide ! 

 Project X Paris

A down jacket for each style

For men, the jacket is a must have! Whether it’s zipped or tucked in like a sweater, once adopted, you won’t be able to do without it! If you are looking for a total streetwear look, you will have to think about combining a short and oversize man’s jacket with a hoodie, baggy-style pants, a colorful hat with the Project X Paris signature and well chosen sneakers! For a more casual look, to wear on a daily basis, opt for a basic mid-long man parka to choose in a neutral tone like black or nude to pair with slightly rolled up jeans. A master key certainly but still very stylish! People looking for a biker look or even rocker will not be able to resist the well-fitting quilted jacket that will ensure a retro bad boy side that we love! In order to push the look to the end, you don’t hesitate to wear a pair of trouser jeans as well as some slightly pâté boots. Finally to return to the historical sportswear side of the jacket, it will be possible to associate it with a sweatsuit set for a highly comfortable outfit ! True chameleon of fashion, the jacket can easily be accessorized. Again, it all depends on the style you want to give your outfit. A chest bag, a cap or a bob will have the favors of the most streetwear looks. 

If in winter the ultra-warm and oversized winter parka will be essential, at the arrival of the fine days you will be able to bring out a thinner and lighter jacket or a sleeveless jacket that you can wear over a turtleneck, a sure trendy effect, or over a hoodie! Ultra-light, sportswear-looking, sleek jackets pair with almost any outfit and easily slip into a bag if you’re too hot !

Wearing the jacket while remaining feminine

Once considered not very feminine, the jackets were able to reinvent themselves to conquer an audience in search of comfort but who did not want to cut on femininity or elegance. The big advantage of the current dounes is that they have adapted to all morphologies. Jacket short, parka woman long to you to choose depending on the style of the day but also temperatures. Indeed, on the coldest days, it is better to choose one that will cover your body the most! Pink, metallic grey, khaki, beige, blue, black… Project X Paris has come up with models in different colours. You can opt for the one that suits your complexion the best but also the one that will adapt to your wardrobe. On the form side, again PXP did not lack imagination to surprise you ! Padded bomber, long parka, oversize women’s jacket, long hooded jacket… you’ll be spoilt for choice ! Rule number 1 :  The jacket being an imposing piece, to create a harmonious whole and not look like a sleeping bag, avoid multiplying the colors ! Want a long parka ? The ideal is to combine it with boyfriend-style jeans and a hooded crop-top sweatshirt. At the foot, we put on sneakers with a very vintage look and socks in burning cotton or with a logo reminiscent of street-food culture such as a hot dog, a slice of pizza or a burger ! 

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

As for men, for a basic and effective look every day and that you can put as well to go for a drink as to go to the supermarket, combine the jacket with jeans. We choose it oversize and why not in a very flashy color, to not be no-look! A well-fitting beanie with a more reserved tone and moccasins will make the perfect combination ! 

Brave women, for whom even the harshest days of winter will not prevent them from wearing dresses, will have the choice to combine a close-fitting dress with oversized boots and a down jacket or a long padded women’s parka. 

You will have understood, in these times of great cold that are not near to stop, the jacket will be your best ally !

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