Of course, like every year in January, it's the sales. At Project X Paris we had a busy 2020/2021 season, so it's not easy to find your way through all the models we offer. Tracksuits, hoodies, t-shirts, we tell you all about the must-have items to get during these 2022 sales !

Young fans of Project X Paris, we hope you were good at Christmas and that grandma slipped you a little envelope so that you can rebuild your wardrobe. Because like every January, it's the sales and it's the perfect time to find the last trendy pieces you need to end the winter by honouring streetwear. Or to start preparing for summer, for the more forward-thinking. At PXP, you'll find everything you need, even if you're on a tight budget, with discounts of up to 70% off! The lucky ones can even win €1,500 every Wednesday until 2 February. 

We're going to give you a rundown of the styles you can't miss over the next few weeks, starting with a big one: the tracksuit. Perfect to spend the winter in warmth and comfort, it is also a must-have for streetwear. It's a good thing PXP has a whole range of very different products. In particular the basic logo embroidery jogging bottoms (a hybrid between cargo trousers and tracksuit bottoms), in black or white, more like a men's track suit. But we also have the basic cargo style jogging bottoms, which can also be worn as women's tracksuits. Or the Capsule Paris Crew sweatpants, also on sale, one of our big hits.

For the more ambitious and original, it's also time to tell you about the Soft Mood capsule, ideal for winter with its many "pilou pilou" style models. The jogging bottoms, of course, but also the pilou fur style coat for women and the more "classic" pilou style coat for men, also on sale. The Soft Mood capsule also includes various jacket models, such as the teddy jacket. But above all we have a lot of overshirts, available in different colours. Our preference is for the fleece style overshirt, with the stylized logos on the left pocket. Perfect for a slightly flashy and assertive "pimp" look. For those who prefer a little more detail, we'd rather steer you towards the plaid overshirt, which will remind you of grandma's warm winter blankets (but we assure you, the overshirt doesn't sting). And don't worry, there are several models of overshirts available for women. 

For those who want to stick to the classic, there is also a whole range of hoodies in the "Soft Mood" capsule. Several fleece hoodies, including the pilou hoodie with embossed logo in different colours. The hooded turtleneck sweatshirt is obviously a big hit, and is probably one of the most effective pieces of clothing for winter, with a real opportunity to bundle up under the hood. For those who are scared of the extra fabric, we also have the classic basic hoodie with embroidered logo, one of our best selling pieces, sold at 30% off. For those who want a sportier look, the basic zip logo hoodie will meet your expectations. Finally, for the few of you who don't like hoods, and who want to display a more "manly" urban look, it will be the pull-on sweatshirt with square padding in the front, with several logos on the chest, sleeves, and bottom of the sweatshirt. A very efficient and warm sweater for men.

It's time to go back to the bottom and take a look at the different types of trousers. This winter, the essential is the cargo trousers. Earlier, we talked to you about the "tracksuit" version, but there are also a lot of models that are closer to the usual cargo trousers. We have the basic cargo jeans, the straight cargo trousers, and the most ambitious, the cargo pants with transparent pockets, clearly the most original. It can be a good compromise to wear something a bit more elegant than a jogging bottom, while staying really in the most basic streetwear, because cargo trousers are one of the timeless pieces of streetwear for decades.

 Project X Paris

It's also time to tell you about some of the capsules that marked the 2020/2021 years of Project X Paris, starting with the brush capsule. A little UFO, with a daring proposal since the PXP logos are all over the clothes. The collection has been validated by Uzi himself, one of the French rap revelations of 2021. It's a really successful collection with possibilities to create very effective sets, like marrying a PXP unisex brush all over sweatshirt with unisex brush jogging bottoms in the same shade. And for those of you who would like to prepare for mid-season or summer, there is also something for you, with the PXP unisex brush all over T-shirts, also on sale like the rest of the capsule.

 Project X Paris

And since we're back to something hotter, it's also time to tell you about the Marseille Crew capsule, worn and validated by Soso Maness himself, the sure thing in Marseille's rap scene, who did us the honour of collaborating with us on this collection. A whole range of Project X Marseille Crew shorts in different colours are currently on sale to prepare your summer on the Canebière. And for those with a little more budget, there are also Project X Marseille Crew hoodies, t-shirts and jogging bottoms. We'd like to take this opportunity to salute our growing number of Marseille fans. 

 Project X Paris

For those of you looking for trendy streetwear t-shirts on sale for the summer, we've got just the thing for you too. The faded t-shirt with embossing is one of the stars of our catalogue, together with the coloured band t-shirt, both in a very summery mood. But also shorts, such as the coloured logo band swim shorts, or the reflective swim shorts, in a rather refined style. Finally, we advise you to have a look at the Butterfly capsule, one of our best successes of the year, entirely sold out, with butterfly tank tops or butterfly tank dresses for ladies, but also butterfly trousers, or butterfly jogging bottoms, tracksuits for men and women. 

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