How to stay Hype with a sweater in 2021 ?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we must first define what is hype? First of all, it is an Anglo-Saxon term meaning media hype. Indeed, what is hype is often something that is talked about in the classic media (TV, radio and newspapers) or less classic like social networks. The hype is therefore an ephemeral concept that agitates activity on several platforms. Thus, to be hype is to be part of the continuum of what has agitated the media sphere at large. No need to panic! You don't need to buy pieces every day to be perpetually in the hype.

At ProjectXParis, we've identified a few pieces that are continually hype. These timeless pieces are constantly revisited by designers, artists or fashion houses. Among these pieces, we find the hoodie.

The world of hype around the hoodie

A true icon of streetwear, the hoodie has always remained trendy, with different styles and shapes: hoodless sweatshirt, sleeveless sweatshirt, short sleeve sweatshirt or oversize sweatshirt etc... Why does it have so many variations? The sweatshirt is present in all wardrobes as much in the followers of the urban style as in the fans of the casual chic style.

In the 20's, the "sweatshirt" was intended for the American university students who practiced sports and therefore were supposed to literally sweat in it. Not very glamorous you may say. Indeed, but it is precisely this wide distribution that allowed to make known to the largest world this garment that will become later, iconic. It is only in 1934 that Champion invents the hoodie which directly integrates any retail store of the United States and the whole world.

It is in the Fifties that the market of the sweatshirt explodes with the marketing of grey mottled sweatshirt resulting from a mixture between the white cotton and the black polyester thread, this clothing knows a resounding success. Embroidered or flocked, the garment is revisited and becomes a basic for several brands.

The consecration really takes place, 50 years later, in 2012 during the Kenzo fashion show, where their models displayed a sweatshirt with a tiger head. It is then that several luxury brands seize this dress and makes it a must-have in their collections.

With or without hood, the sweatshirt is a must-have of the feminine or masculine wardrobe, constantly renewed and revisited. Sweatshirt is trendy but you still have to know how to wear it...

How to be hype by wearing a man hoodie ?

The hoodie denotes a comfy, comfortable look that you may or may not agree with. If you particularly want your hoodie to be a garment in which you feel comfortable, do not hesitate to take loose and wide cuts to allow you to move. The hype side of this trend is the oversize. The oversize is as its name indicates for the most bilingual of you, the fact of wearing a garment that would be, according to the codes of the textile industry, too big for you. This style gives you a nonchalant air that is hype. The other side is the slim, skinny or even super skinny style, which corresponds to a tight or even very tight garment, but this way of wearing clothes is less and less favored by generation Z.

So what about it? Oversized hoodie or Skinny, which one is more hype for a man? It all depends on your style, if you like the 'over-comfort' opt for an oversize. The skinny as for him, is in decline, but if you like to wear clothes curved opt for the straight cut or slim which suits you perfectly the body and will know how to sublimate your silhouette.

And for women ? How to wear a woman hoodie ?

For women, the oversize is more popular than the skinny or straight cut.  Indeed, in the world of movies or series, it is not uncommon to see female characters wearing the hoodie of their male counterparts, and in most cases, turns out to be oversized on her. However, there are also other variations of the hoodie woman, including the hoodie sport, more fitted and knows many variations: with sleeveless sleeve, with visible belly or not in a rather crop top style.

Thus, for women the oversize is for the moment more hype but remember, the hype is an ephemeral concept and terribly variable.

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