Great land of rap, the city of Ulis has marked the history of this music. At the general public level, with Sinik in particular, but also in the underground, with the very big rap/ battle scene that was born in this city. Gambino The MG is the heir of this great school, and it continues to honor the coat of arms of 91 with talent. Focus on the phenomenon.

An ascent thanks to networks

As often in rap, the territory where the rapper grew has its importance: his music feeds on his environment, very urban most of the time and the lyrics constantly evoke this setting in which the artist made his classes. For Gambino La MG, he was rather «lucky» for a rapper: he grew up in the Ulis, one of the best known neighborhoods of all rap fans, especially because of the incredible success of Sinik in the 2000s, who clearly put the city on the map. An individual commercial success that hides behind him many other talented rappers from the same city, forming a very dynamic rap scene, especially in the underground and battle. The city is therefore charged with rap, and the young rapper obviously drew from this energy to launch himself. Thanks to the large number of Ulis rappers, he was able to form his first group, La MG (for «Mauvaise Graine»). A group that was originally a simple Facebook page where all the young people in his city wanting to rap had registered. Then, later, the more serious decided to found a real band, keeping the initials, in order to make real pieces.

For Gambino La MG, it was a long time a serious step, he who discovered rap thanks to his father and uncles and who published his first sounds on Youtube at 13 years, under another pseudonym. He was even supervised by Sinik during his very first recording at the municipal studio. With his band, he quickly knew his first big buzz with «Back in the 91» in 2018. Some artists, sportsmen and influencers start to relay the pieces of Gambino and his buddies, including Niska, Virgil Abloh or Anthony Martial, to whom they had dedicated a piece in 2018. But it’s hard to turn buzz into streams and revenue. And the rapper from '91 will take advantage of the lockdown to give everything he has through social media. He starts a series of freestyles on Instagram, which takes very quickly with some titles that exceed a million views. He was one of the first to import drill sounds in France, adding some afro sounds which gives quite particular sounds, both very gangsta and very dancing. This is a niche that has been adopted by most successful artists in the current Rap FR, like what, the young Gambino was a bit visionary. 

Throughout his career, networks have therefore been of paramount importance. First the social networks, with Facebook, then Instagram for its freestyles, but also the network of the street, the network of the Ulis, which makes that the musical actors of the corner are all very connected. After a first project called «En attendant Gambinerie», which includes all its freestyles, this year we were entitled to the long awaited «Gambinerie», released in March, and which kept all its promises. Tiakola, Negrito, Larry, Chily, Naza, Leto, they were many to answer the call of the young prodigy of 91 for a dense project and that augurs very good things for the future. In the meantime, Gambino MG continues to unveil very effective novels, such as «Les Moussos» recently. He has also done a lot of interviews and is working more and more on the image of his clips. An aspect that interests us a lot at Project X Paris.

Collab PXP x Gambino La MG

Because even if we do a lot of collabs, what we prefer is when the artists get loose, are comfortable and have an inspiring attitude for our graphic designers. This was the case with Gambino the MG who has long understood the importance of the image, especially in drill. We started slowly with pieces that are classics, in just about every situation: the «university» streetwear, with the clothes worn by American students, to show their belonging to their university. So we have a university-style hoodie with a big P logo on the chest, two-tone, and a jogging bottom in the same style, which also has its big logo on the top of the right leg. A set well highlighted by the small pair of TN worn by the rapper, as well as by the pretty Lamborghini, also white, the main object of the shooting, which obviously pleased the artist, who also has one in his very last clip «Les Mousso».

The Lambo accompanied us again on the next outfit, which is a little more ordinary and with a much lighter style. Make way for the pale hues and softness of the dove with this set from the High Fly capsule. A loose sweatsuit bottom with blue dove patterns, with a round collar sweatshirt of the same color, for a very effective look. All the more so when you add a PXP bob and the square shoulder bag with wallet, decorated with «Project X Paris» logos. And of course, always this pair of TN, a piece of cult streetwear and characteristic of the French street, where the model was a huge success while it could be almost ignored elsewhere in the 2000s. Then, to get a little more into the artist’s «drill UK» universe, we decided to put the Lambo away to make use of another vehicle, perhaps less side, but just as aggressive: the Yamaha snowmobile. A vehicle that will fit perfectly with the jackets and parkas from the «Drill & Drip» capsule, tested during the shooting. They are not yet available on the site, but they will become essential this winter!

Gambino the MG then tried a outfit from the «Squad» capsule. A very American capsule in design, with this typography characteristic of the logo, the cuts of the clothes and the shape of the collars. The outfit and colors refer to the gansgta imagery of the US rap, mainly East Coast, with this influence of baseball, but also the presence of a ski mask, gangsta accessory par excellence, especially since the arrival of the drill. A baseball-style hoodie, striped, with a matching jogging bottom, the ski mask very black, proudly mounted on the Yamaha: Gambino has a crazy attitude, as in his clips. It was therefore a real pleasure to work with him and to try to offer him something that suited him, wishing him the best for the rest of his long career. And hope to reboot with him in the near future!

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