Thanks to social networks, artists have been able to share their creations in a more spontaneous way, without having to go through the filters of big media groups. Redha Jr is one of the many influencers who have emerged by creating content on his platforms, and we decided to do a little focus on him on the occasion of the release of his series "Garda'Vue" on Youtube, with which we collaborated at Project X.

The multiplication of broadcasting platforms, with the appearance of TikTok and Instagram/Snapchat stories in particular, has considerably changed the Youtube game. If the first generation of successful Youtubers (Norman, Cyprien, Squeezie and all the others who started at the end of the 2000s) is still very much in place, they are no longer the reference. Because the formats have changed, they are for example much shorter and much more punchy since the appearance of Tik Tok. And in this new configuration, Redha Jr is one of those who are doing the best. With 4.4 million subscribers on TikTok, 786k on Insta, and 333k on Youtube, he has managed to establish himself on all platforms, which is important to diversify his content and last over time.

But diversifying is not enough to get to where he is. Redha Jr's journey is quite incredible, as he launched on TikTok at the very beginning of 2020. A year later, he already had over 2.5 million subscribers. A lightning success that can be explained by videos that are quite funny, that's the basis. But also by the containment, which allowed millions of people to immerse themselves in Internet content to escape from boredom. So we can say that Redha Jr is one of those figures who accompanied the French (and especially a lot of young people) during this sad period, allowing them to decompress. But the success is also due to the modern "tone" of the videos, to the type of humour, with this accuracy when he decides to make fun (always with love) of certain clichés on Algerians, on young people, parents, chicks. A real success story that led him to want to launch new concepts.

"Garda'Vue", with a nod to Project X Paris

After the success of TikTok, Redha Jr. has taken it a step further by offering a mini-series on Youtube. The series is called "Garda'Vue" and the first season is already fully available on Youtube. 5 episodes of between 3 and 10 minutes each, it's quite quick to watch and the rhythm of the sequences is rather sustained. It's a little UFO like the platform offers too few: Redha plays a completely has-been and incompetent cop, Raymundo, who thinks he's Tony Montana. With his colleague, Armand (played by Amine G7), they have to deal with several interrogations with suspects who are also completely crazy. The Algerian lady, the sunglasses salesman, the voodoo witch, everything is there. We also come across cult characters from Redha's TikToks, such as Moustache and a few others. The influencer wrote the series himself and frankly, it's really effective and funny.

At Project X Paris, we are very happy to have been able to collaborate with the series by offering them an exclusive bag model. This bag is an emblematic object of the series, we find it in almost all the episodes because it contains the famous and completely crazy "clues" used by the policemen to try to lock up the suspects. With little success each time, it must be said... This modest contribution of our brand with the "Garda'vue" series is part of a wider desire to support artists, creators, influencers and humorists who influence today's urban culture. We obviously hope that these collaborations will be long-lasting, because it is also all these influencers who inspire us for our new collections, and at PXP we are therefore delighted to give them a little strength when the opportunity arises!

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