dehmo - album - éthologie

On June 23, Dehmo made his comeback by releasing his new album entitled Éthologie.  

The rapper, former member of MZ, has not said his last word and returns with a tour de force by releasing an album of character.  The artist talks about himself and his life through this new album. A real stroll through Dehmo's street history. It is in the street that the rapper has forged himself and imposed his style.

Dehmo en tee shirt Kylie

Originally from the 13th arrondissement of Paris, Dehmo does not hesitate to throw punchlines in his lyrics and to point out the subjects that make people angry.

The title "Sorry" is a good example.

Dehmo en ensemble gothique

But Dehmo is not just a man of words, as we know. He also likes clothes. Street pieces, where you feel comfortable and trendy at the same time. The artist has found his happiness at Project X Paris by shopping our new ss17 collection. Whether it's a Kylie Jenner T-shirt or a floral denim jacket, Dehmo has put together a great outfit.

You will appreciate her outfit. Check out her look in pictures.

Dehmo en Tee Shirt Kylie

Dehmo en ensemble noir Project X Paris

Dehmo en veste en jean Project X Paris

Dehmo en Project X Paris

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