BOSH : silence, ça bosse

No respite for French rap soldier Bosh, on the go since the first lockdown began in 2020. His mission? Occupy the field, make people dance and multiply the collaborations, as in the adventure "Validated", or with Lefa, Naps, or your favorite brand of streetwear, Project X Paris.

Bosh, the rap game's machine

Few ascents have been as meteoric as Bosh's in the history of French rap. The 2020/2021 season of the rapper from 78 has been incredibly busy and productive, with many, many successes. We are obviously obliged to start with the biggest of them: the season 1 of the series « Validé ». With more than 20 million views, it can be argued that the work benefited from the announcement of containment, which gave everyone a lot of time to watch series. But that's not the only explanation: the acting of the actors/rappers Hatik, Bosh and Sam's was outstanding. Bosh, in particular, with his ability to play the role of the bad guy, the menacing bully always on guard. Season 2 will soon be released and given the public demand, it will surely be another hit for Bosh, Franck Gastambide and the whole team.

Just after the success of the series comes the musical success. The album "Synkinisi" was unveiled at the end of March 2020, and it contained a real little bomb inside: "Djomb", a mega-hit as we rarely see in the career of a rapper. The project has since been re-released in late November with 9 unreleased tracks, earned Bosh a gold record, and will likely go platinum soon. Again, for his second solo project (after "Dos Argenté" released in 2018) the rapper hits very hard. Since then he multiplies musical collaborations with Naps or Lefa, alternating between tracks a little danceable and others truly very dark and very angry. We can say that the artist is versatile.

Streetwear soldier

So versatile that he also knows how to model for the streetwear brand Project X Paris, on the occasion of a collaboration that will remain as one of the best of the brand. Rarely have we seen such a perfect "match" between the personality of an artist and the type of clothing offered. Inspired by his warrior look, we directed him towards very "military" pieces: Overstuff, Utility, camo prints sometimes daring with even Camo Reflect. In short, everything that can make think of utility or military sapes, with a lot of pockets, places a little padded for a volume effect.

Few rappers would have been able to boast of wearing this kind of pieces as well as he does, and we at Project X Paris are obviously delighted to have been able to seize this opportunity to highlight these product lines so effectively. You can of course find all the pieces of the collab' on our website, as well as in our 1500 official retailers all over the world! As for us, we obviously wish him all the best for the future (season 2 of "Validated", as well as a very probable new project in a few months), hoping that we can soon renew this collaboration.

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