Since we created the Project X Paris brand in 2015, it has continued to grow and expand. So much so that we've received a lot of requests for collabs from influencers, artists, designers. So we had an idea: organize a casting to recruit more than 100 ambassadors for PXP, who will accompany us throughout the year. This is your chance to climb aboard the adventure !

The ambassador casting is launched !

The first time we had this idea was two years ago. While Project X Paris was already well established in the streetwear world, and collaborations with rappers, artists and other sportsmen were multiplying, we received more and more requests for collabs every day. Collabs that allow us to be a little more visible each time, but also to give strength to personalities that we validate. To make our selection, we decided to launch a big casting to find those who will be our ambassadors. And this year, the Great Casting is back!

The concept is simple: at PXP, we are looking for more than 100 ambassadors who will accompany us on our various news of the year 2022, and they will be numerous. So if you're an influencer, rapper, comedian, singer, dancer, graffiti artist, model or anything else related to urban cultures, your application is welcome. To register, it's very simple, it happens online. All you have to do is give us a couple of details, describe yourself a bit and tell us what you could bring to the brand. Then, you might have the chance to be chosen to become one of our ambassadors! The competition is of course open to girls as well as guys, provided that the application is serious and motivated.

Online registration for the annual Project X Paris casting is open until December 31. The hundred finalists will work together in our big campaign starting in 2022. You will also win different types of remuneration: endowments, vouchers, participation in exclusive events related to the brand and long-term collaborations. A good way to get a foot in the streetwear world, we hope that many of you will want to try the adventure with us! If you have ever dreamed of becoming a muse or partner of a streetwear brand, this might be the opportunity of your life !

Project X Paris, reference streetwear brand since 2015

This casting is part of a will of expansion, motivated by the huge success met by PXP during the year 2021. In spite of a not obvious context with the covid, we succeeded in making a lot of noise by being inspired by the agenda of the urban cultures, thanks to many collaborations. We have obviously been very present alongside the French-speaking rap game, which has given us a lot of strength since our creation in 2015. We had the chance to collaborate with Uzi, one of the rap revelations of the year, but also with other big heads, such as Naps and Soso Maness from Marseille. Two personalities now omnipresent in the FR rap. And of course, we also proposed some heavy stuff with Bosh, also well established in the game, especially through the series "Validé".

The series have also influenced us a lot this year. Especially with the growing number of series inspired by the world of the street or rap, like "Validated" or "Caïds", with whom we had the chance to work. Another big hit at Project X, directly inspired by a monument of the current world pop culture: the One Piece collection. A collaboration with the biggest manga phenomenon of all time (in terms of numbers), which has inspired so many designers and rappers' punchlines. A really diverse capsule, with hoodies, t-shirts, tracksuits, in short, everything you need for a good complete streetwear set. And of course, all these prestigious collaborations have brought us a lot of success, visibility, but especially the desire to go one step further.

For this step, we hope you will help us, so that we can cross it together. That's why we have renewed the successful experience of the big casting, with the aim of making a qualitative leap in the way we will propose our future collections. Because 2022 is going to be a very, very busy year for us and we will need the support of all those who love the brand to highlight the many collabs and events that will be on the program. We have a real desire to grow the PXP community, which is already growing by leaps and bounds year after year, but with a real acceleration in the last twelve months.

It must be said that we are now firmly established in all the trends at the forefront of streetwear, with baroque, oversizing, but also more "utilitarian" clothing, or unisex, offering identical clothing for men and women. If we add that to the fact that we now have more than 35 stores spread out in France and all over the world, we understand that we now reach a very large panel of people. And we don't intend to stop there, so don't hesitate, get on board with us thanks to the Casting Ambassadors Project X Paris.

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