We started the year 2021 by organizing a contest in collaboration with the shisha brand El-Badia. This collab between two major brands of the urban universe is logical. 

With all the contests we organized just for you this year, we can say that we saw great with exceptional prizes. Between a pair of the new AIR JORDAN 1 LOW in collaboration with the famous rapper Travis Scott, a PLAYSTATION 5, a pair of the famous NIKE SACAI VAPORWAFFLE TAN NAVY and an Iphone 13, there was something for everyone! 

As for the last 2 years, we organized our traditional ambassador casting. For those who don't know the concept of this operation, it's very simple: the objective is to recruit more than 100 talents (influencer, rapper, comedian, singer, dancer, graffiti artist, model or any other person close to urban cultures) who will become ambassadors for PXP in order to accompany us during the year 2022. Many famous sites such as Cosmopolitan, Trace, Closer and Voici have communicated on this historic operation! 

Finally, there is a new feature for the Christmas period: we have organized an advent calendar with many prizes! Between a pair of sneakers, a playstation 5, an iPhone 13, vouchers and surprise gifts, we knew how to please more of you !

French original version translated by Deepl

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