The fashion accessories are indispensable for a well chiadée outfit as we like them at Project X Paris. So, to make you look from head to toe, we put the deck on! From bananas, to caps and tap-dancing… Discover without further delay what it will take to send fat!

 Project X Paris

It’s a fact, a well accessorized outfit, will always make its small effect: The accessory is what will make it possible to stand out and upgrade your style. In order to meet all tastes, Project X Paris is constantly working on new collections to present. If at our debut in 2015, we only offered the essentials, now we can dress in full PXP. There is something for everyone! At the end of 2022, some new products will be coming soon, ideal to find a gift idea to slip at the foot of the tree. Others will also come to power 2023! To make you wait, we tell you more about how to wear these accessories... not so accessories!

The Head Covers by PXP

 Project X Paris

> The cap

It has spent decades without taking a crease! Whatever her style, we always have a good opportunity to wear her… Her? It’s the cap of course! Initially a symbol of the working class, it became democratized in the 1930s in the United States thanks to the growing popularization of Baseball. Almost 100 years later, who doesn’t have a cap in their closet? To shelter from the sun, to play sports or simply to be trendy, a cap screwed on the head has become a basic of any street wear look that respects itself! This emblem of North American culture quickly attracted a wide audience. Women, men, children… No matter the style, everyone has worn one at least once in their life! Black, beige, yellow, blue, pink cap… It comes in different colors to accompany all outfits, whatever the season and adorns itself with our embroidered signature! Want to make a total signature look? Why not wear a Project X Paris cap with a jogging set of the same color? To wear with socks or sneakers depending on the mood! As you can see, a well-appointed streetwear look will pass with a cap !

 Project X Paris

> The bob

Another headgear that we saw appear in the locker room of the most trendy fashionistas, the bob. If it has long been malaimé, it is the trendy accessory of the moment. The bob being a «strong» piece, it will not take much more to be at the top. We avoid too accessorizing our outfits the day we decide to wear it. The key word will be simplicity! Summer highlight accessory, you can wear it with a plain T-shirt embroidered with the PXP logo or with a polo and sober colors. As for women, they can wear it with a crop top and denim shorts! In simple version or with links to adjust it, like the one chosen by the rapper DA Uzi during his collaboration with PXP, the brand, number 1 in streetwear in France, decided to offer you two very different styles. It’s up to you to choose which look suits you best !

 Project X Paris

> The bonnet 

This is the winter accessory you absolutely cannot do without! All the more, once wrapped up in your jacket, you’ll have to find a way to stand out! A pompon, fleece, fur, to wear loose or well fitted… The cap has emancipated! For an assured urban style, wear the bonnet in a simple way and without frills. Always present in the wardrobe of streetwear lovers, the hem cap will pair with hoodies, as well as a wide pair of jeans or bombers. Pink, brown, green, dark blue, burgundy, black… So that you can marry it to each of your outfits, PXP has come up with different colors. Always with the signature logo proudly displayed on the front! So you’ll be sure to spend the winter warm while being stylish ! 

 Project X Paris

A well-fitting backpack

More at all reserved for hikers or students, in recent years the backpack has increased its fashion credibility to the point of becoming an indispensable of all dressings. Why do we love it so much? Because it is ultra practical, it allows you to carry many things while freeing your hands. But also because he knew how to play the codes that stuck to him for a long time. Today, we find colourful, minimalist, sophisticated, ultra-trendy backpacks… All of which have in common to make us make a comeback in the 90’s! As always at PXP we decided to offer you ultra-urban versions that would adapt to this way of life and associate with our most swag outfits! The multipoche backpack will be perfect for carrying your tablet and laptop products to work and the reflective yoke backpack ideal for sports !

Never without my fanny pack !

If you’ve never worn a fanny pack, we recommend you read the following lines! Indeed, a false step happened quickly and would risk to credibility the whole of your outfit. It would be a shame to see so much effort reduced to nothing! Very trendy for a few seasons, the fanny pack has long been on the bench of ultra-cheesy accessories that had to be avoided. From now on, you can display with one without being afraid of ridicule. For a well-marked streetwear we look at those made of nylon and displaying the brand logo in a visible way. Available in 3 colors at PXP, we like it for its many pockets that gives it a side mega practical. We wear it around the waist for a very assumed look or shoulder strap as we see the most at the moment.

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

The timeless shoulder bag

Among the bags you won’t be able to do without, the shoulder bag. If its use is not frankly new, it doesn’t stop seducing. Why? First because it is ultra-practical but also because it is timeless! Whatever the season or time, you will always need a shoulder bag, it is a must! More than just a practical bag, the shoulder bag also meets a few rules… First adjust it properly, too loose it would make you look like hippies and too tight would not fit either. Whether you wear it straight or crooked, ideally you adjust it to the mid-thigh! At PXP it has been available in many different models but always meeting the expectations of the street culture. 

As always at PXP we decided to offer you accessories that are unisex! So it will no longer be necessary for women to go to the dressing room of their companion to wear stylish accessories! This is also the magic of Project X Paris! 

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