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Popular with footballers and rappers alike, Project X Paris was born in 2015. From Dubai to Berlin and London, the brand is still growing!

When they are not on the field with their cleats, footballers are mostly in jogging pants and soccer jersey. For the sake of practicality, they only dress up off the pitch. 

They do not lose the taste of style. Players like Nabil Fekir, Ryad Merez, Olivier Giroud or Kimpembe, are not only known for their footwork, or their exploit during a match. They are truly fashion icons.

Focus on the outfits of these athletes: how do they dress on a daily basis?

The common point of these players is that they generally tend to wear streetwear. Between semi-oversize sweatshirt accompanied by a pair of Yeezy Boost, or long coat on the back, worn with a pair of raw destroy jeans and a t-shirt, the players know how to look good and have their favorite brands to find beautiful pieces.

 David Luiz, Nabil Fekir, Kimpembe

For these followers of comfortable, but worked, it is towards this kind of style that the players go in their daily life. The alliance between streetwear and sportswear is a real current trend.  Ideal to have a bad ass look, while keeping the comfort of his favorite sweater and jogging bottoms. And this is exactly what the brand Project X Paris offers. Very appreciated not only by soccer players, but also by rap artists, like MHD, Gradur and many others.  

Having also proven itself overseas, it is in the United States that the young urban brand has also settled. The rapper Snoop Dogg or Jason Derulo have passed through the hands of their stylists for the making of outfit.

With its open-mindedness, Project X Paris has been able to create basic and unique clothes, but especially unavoidable. The brand has a wide range of products, and works by theme and color. The brand has a wide range of products, and works by theme and color. For the realization of hype outfit you will certainly find your happiness among a large choice of t-shirt, sweatshirt, bomber or even slim jeans with multiple colors and patterns. This season's must-haves are velvet outfits, biker outfits and satin and suede bombers. There is really something for everyone. Visit

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