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Project X Paris & Yuza Paris brands merge for one campaign:

As you may know, the Project X Paris brand is constantly evolving and progressing, so much so that many rappers and celebrities are snapping it up and representing it in their videos, on social networks and on TV. For example, you'll find the likes of Maître Gims, Keblack, Niska, Jaymax, Dehmo, Gradur, Ghetto Phénomène, Ninho, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, MHD, DJ E-Rise, Cyril Hanouna, Black M, Dadju, Prime (brand model) and many more.reality TV contestantsand many others to wear them.

Today, the brand is taking a completely different direction by merging with Yuza Paris, another Parisian brand, for a new image campaign. Through their two brand universes inspired by street culture, they merge their garments to create unique outfits. It's a meeting of two urban brands drawing their strengths from the contemporary environment around them.

One,Project X Parisdraws its inspiration from pure street culture. Drawing on its collaborations with numerous Hip Hop and Rap artists, it tends to combine lifestyle and streetwear by offering must-have pieces. With its open-minded approach, Project X Paris never ceases to offer a range of trendy, accessible outfits combining the world of fashion with that of music, sport, technology and art. Project X Paris presents a minimalist Parisian style with characterful details on the pieces. Find out more and see all the collections, including the summer one, on the  .

The other,Yuza Parisinfluenced by Japanese culture, was born from the combination of haute couture and original cuts. A bit like the structured clothing worn by the samurai. In the Kamakura era, men wore loose-fitting, hip-length jackets and wide pants. Women wore long dresses with trains. Yuza draws inspiration for her clothes from these codes, plus those of sportswear fashion. Innovative, she adapts to an urban lifestyle. Uniqueness in the face of diversity is the watchword of Yuza Paris. For more information and the complete new collection (coming soon),  .

Between architecture and sportswear, the new campaign from Project X Paris and Yuza Paris, emphasizes the character of these two brands and their approach to fashion. Between movement, dynamic curves, light and dark, the clothing is totally scripted, while highlighting the combination of these two brands' universes. The aim is to show the energy and sportswear environment from which both brands draw inspiration for their collections. Having the same approach to design, they know what young people expect in terms of clothing and brand universe.

Gone are the days of strict elegance and refined cuts. Now we want chic with a wild touch. The tone is set. For the release of this new campaign, we're going for "Bad Ass", but with a Project X Paris twist. Designer Youth Smhr, a rising star on the Parisian street scene, added his personal touch to the outfits. Belts, ropes, white stripes and other accessories are the order of the day. This new campaign brings together two universes that at first glance seem completely different.

Project X Paris & Yuza have found a meeting point through outfits that blend minimalist style with Japanese rigor.

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