The history of the tracksuit begins at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, tracksuits were the woolen sweaters and pants that athletes wore before their practices or games to keep them from getting cold. The tracksuit (the hoodie and matching jogging suit) as we know it today began to become popular with athletes in the 1960s. In 1967, Adidas launched its three-stripe tracksuit line in partnership with a German soccer player, and the tracksuit became a timeless fashion statement. Indeed, this sports outfit is adopted by more and more people, which transforms it into city wear. Today, Project X Paris, a streetwear store, is launching a line of unisex tracksuits that are perfectly in line with fashion trends.

How did it get into our closets to become an essential outfit ?

The tracksuit: for men or for women ?

The tracksuit was first worn mainly by men. The rappers of the 80's were only interested in their 3 stripes tracksuit. However, from the year 2000, women are interested in the fashion of the tracksuit. The American stars begin to wear tracksuits: Britney Spears and Paris Hilton open the ball of the hoodie and jogging pants.

The tracksuit: a symbol of political demands and fashion

Although the tracksuit has seduced many young people, its image has not always been considered. Indeed, this sports outfit and in particular the hoodie has been a vector of stigmatization and a symbol of delinquent youth and racial inequalities.

At the same time, the image of the tracksuit has been rehabilitated by the fashion industry. Although high fashion brands were not immediately keen on incorporating them into their collections, in the late 2000s, Gucci and Burberry launched their women's and men's tracksuit collections and brought the garment into the pantheon of high fashion. Today, the tracksuit has even become the new symbol of the self-made man: Marc Zuckerberg has almost become the muse of the hoodie. This garment that was the marker of social and racial inequalities and now the emblem of the elite of Tech and fashion.

The Project X Paris tracksuit: opt for a casual chic style

Our streetwear brand offers a collection of unisex tracksuits. The tracksuit is now worn as a trendy outfit by mixing comfort and aestheticism. Indeed, opt for a chic and casual style by wearing a hoodie with a pleated skirt and thigh-high boots or a nice tank top with sweatpants and nice sneakers. Similarly, the hoodie goes perfectly with raw denim and sober sneakers. After all, it is with this last outfit that Marc Zuckerberg met his investors. Wear it as a set or just the sweatshirt or jogging suit, the hoodie has become the must-have outfit. Come and discover our unisex collection of tracksuits on our website or in our boutiques.

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