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Varsity Jackets Women

Project X Paris offers a selection of Teddy style jackets for women. It's the perfect little jacket, perfect for mid-season. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, it will keep you warm while being extra stylish.

The teddy is the perfect little jacket for the mid-season. It is just thick enough to protect you from the wind and is available in an infinite variety of colors and details. History of the teddy jacket

History of the teddy jacket

The term "teddy", which literally translates as "varsity jacket" in the United States, is not used in English fashion language, which consistently prefers the term "bomber jacket" or "airman jacket". The origins of Teddy (the Varsity Jacket) start in 1865 on the campus of the prestigious American Harvard University. The university baseball team decided to put a period on, they wear long flannel shirts. Later these long shirts became sweaters made of wool with buttons. Then, one thing led to another, the teddy became more refined in its current design and was adopted by pop culture stars, such as Michael Jackson, who popularized it.

How to wear the teddy jacket?

The teddy has survived the ages and matured, although it has always been associated with the idea of youth. Today the teddy jacket is getting a second chance at life. It is no longer limited to thick fabrics, it is more colorful, made of softer and more fluid materials for the ladies' satisfaction. Indeed, it does not weigh down the silhouette.
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