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Bomber Teddies Jackets Men

Men's bomber jackets are available in many models and colours at Project X Paris: suede, velvet, cotton, neoprene. Assert your style with this must have.

History of the bomber

The bomber was originally made for the US military in 1927, in particular, for airmen, who had to cope with the stresses of the weather at altitude. The interior of the original bomber was orange in order to be able to spot servicemen who were in distress.

Since then, the bomber has evolved. This timeless piece of the wardrobe has been brought up to date by Project X Paris while remaining faithful to the original model.

You can find bombers in trendy pop colours, or with prints and more original materials such as suede. The classic front zip also makes a place for itself on the sleeves with tightened cuffs.
Stand out in style with our bomber jackets!

Urban chic version

The bomber is an essential when referring to streetwear. But if you don't want to fall into sportswear, it's worth pairing it with more classic pieces. Wear it with a pair of black straight-leg trousers and a white or other solid-coloured T-shirt and a pair of sneakers, and you'll look good in the Paris streetwear style.

Denim version

The bomber is also very easy to integrate into a 100% denim streetwear silhouette. A wide selection of jeans awaits you in our online shop.

Modern version

If you're looking to maintain a professional or formal look while energising your look, why not swap your classic suit jacket for the bomber? In a neutral colour such as black or beige, your bomber will bring a modern touch.

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