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Parkas Women

The parka is the basic piece of your wardrobe this winter. Opt for a fur parka, the best ally to keep you warm before the return of the warm weather. Project X Paris offers you a choice of all the trendy colours: black, navy blue, beige, colour block pattern. A black parka will go with everything, it will bring a cool touch to your outfit. It's a very practical piece that will remain trendy whatever the vagaries of fashion.

The parka is both a windbreaker and a mackintosh. It has become a must-have when it comes to women's dressing.

Do you know the history of the parka?

The parka made its first appearance in 1851. The Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen was the first man to reach the North Pole. His feat was made possible by his preparation in terms of logistics and clothing: skis, dogs and a men's parka made of sealskin and fur. Other explorers have died of cold because they lacked a warm enough jacket. The concept of the over-jacket was later taken up by the American airmen of the Second World War. Indeed, faced with very low temperatures, they were equipped with a jacket strongly resembling a parka. The famous US parkas - M51 or "Fishtail", as its back ended in a fishtail, were produced in large quantities and fuelled the spread of the parka. But it was from the 1970s onwards with the British youth that parkas became a fashion item in their own right.

How do you recognise a parka?

A mid-thigh length

Waterproof outer fabric to resist rain

The presence of a hood, possibly with fur

Double zipper and button closure system

Two to four side pockets

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