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Tracksuits Women

The essentials for this new year, the women's tracksuits. Our tracksuit models will be your best friends to be comfortable and trendy. Project X Paris, your streetwear shop, offers a large choice of quality tracksuits for women. Concerned about their look, women will love their new outfits. Discover our selection as soon as possible women's tracksuit set velvet, animal patch, gold embroidery, side strips. There is something for everyone!

Our women's tracksuit designs

On our online shop, you will be able to discover our different models of women's tracksuits. These essential tracksuits will dress you up to feel comfortable and stylish. Our different models of women's tracksuits have beautiful hoodies that will perfectly match the style you want to adopt. Project X Paris offers a wide range of women's tracksuits in different colours and styles to offer you the best.


The history of the tracksuit

Tracksuits are 100 years old, they first appeared in the 1920s. They were originally reserved for the great sportsmen. It was designed to keep the muscles warm so that the muscles would not get cold. In the 1940s, tracksuits started to be democratized and became the Sunday best. The women's tracksuit has come a long way and today, Project X Paris offers a range of products made to measure for your desires. We develop women's tracksuits to meet your daily needs. Take a look at our different jackets that will perfectly match your women's tracksuit ensemble.

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