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Sweatshirts - Hoodies Women

Enjoy a variety of trendy sweatshirts for women at Project X Paris. Simple sweatshirts, hoodies, pockets and zippers. Discover our range of fashion products.
Sweatshirts and hoodies are now among the favorite pieces of the female wardrobe. The essential of the family remains the grey sweatshirt, but at Project X Paris you'll find many choices. You can find sweatshirts and hoodies with stripes, checks, velvet... The latest, the crop-top sweatshirt that brings a feminine touch to this garment with a masculine connotation.

Wear the sweater with style.

The sweater worn in its raw state is ideal for an outfitsportswear.

But there is nothing to stop you from playing with this piece and giving it a new life.

A basic outfit would be a sweater/hoodie with a pair ofskinny jeansor boyfriend for a more edgy look. Complete this look with a good pair of sneakers.

But you can think outside the box. In summer, the oversized sweater/hoodie can be added to your collection ofdressesfor the daring ones. Otherwise, a pair of cycling shorts or leggings will be welcome. If you want to opt for a street style, pair your sweater with a pair of sneakers and a cap, an essential fashion accessory in streetwear.

If you tuck your sweater/hoodie into a skirt, you're guaranteed a sporty-chic outfit. Complete this look with a pair of ankle boots with or without heels. To push the glam, don't forget the clutch or the small handbag.

How to wear the sweater in the office?

We play the superposition. For a chic look at work, we opt for the gray sweater with or without logo. We put it over a white shirt. Over it we add a camel parka. You can put a pair of flat sneakers or a pair of Chelsea boots.

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