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Cargo Jeans Men

The latest models of cargo pocket jeans are online at Project X Paris. Multifunctional with its numerous pockets, this piece is perfect for a casual outfit. Indulge yourself with this men's must-have.

What are the origins of the cargo ship?
Cargo jeans are trousers of military origin. Cargo jeans were originally designed to be a sturdy and inexpensive piece of workwear. Over time, this garment, which was originally designed for the military, has been diverted from its professional use to become a ready-to-wear garment favoured by a rebellious and anti-conventional youth. With the repackaging of military garments, cargo jeans have found their way into thrift stores and continue to circulate among youth, accentuating the camo trend in 21st century streetwear.

How to recognize cargo trousers?

These are trousers made of a soft material with pockets on the sides of the thighs. Originally khaki, today they are available in more modern cuts and a variety of colours (red, green, khaki, black, beige, blue, white...).

How to wear cargo trousers?

To enhance your street wear look with cargo trousers, we recommend wearing them in the right size or slightly loose (one size above your usual size). And that's it. Here are some inspirations for cargo trousers.

With denim

Given its origins, cargo jeans are always paired with the queen of casual fabrics: denim.

With a bomber

For a change from the denim jacket, you can combine cargo jeans with a bomber.

With a long coat

An interesting look to try would be a long down jacket or a long trench coat worn oversized to play with volume, a long sleeve jumper and cargo jeans.

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