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Hoodies - Men's Hoodies

On Project X Paris, discover a wide range of hoodies for men. We have several types of hoodies, plain, printed, patterned, tricolored, knitted, etc..
So don't wait a second and scroll through our hoodie category and discover the latest trends. Secure payment. Fast delivery.

The history of the hoodie

Flashback: the first hoodie was created in the 1930s in the United States for athletes to wear during their workouts. The hood protected them from the wind and weather. Later, the hoodie spread to American students, who wore it with their high school logo. In the 1970s, the hoodie became the symbol of protest cultures: skateboarders, graffiti artists and hip-hop artists. In the 1990's, ready-to-wear designers seized this garment and propelled it to the forefront of the fashion scene. Today, the hoodie has become an iconic piece, proudly worn with the logo of its business school, at parties, fashion week, at work, the hoodie has become a piece of fashion. Moreover it is a mixed garment,a man's hoodiecan therefore becomea woman's hoodiein oversize but not only...

At Project X Paris, the hoodie will adapt to all styles, from the most classic, dressed up to the most street, while remaining a very comfortable piece. The classic models, with a kangaroo pocket, will offer a more marked sportswear. For a badass outfit, wear your hoodie in oversize, layering over a longer tee.

The hoodie, for whom?

>Clichés surround the wearing of sweatshirts on a daily basis. Too often affiliated with the sporting field, we forget that it is one of the rare clothes which can go to any type of profile. The difference will be in the choice of the cut, the color and the quality. Although unlike other clothing, the hoodie man can be worn as a hoodie woman.

Indeed, as mentioned previously it is a mixed garment and adaptable to all styles.

A Project X Paris sweatshirt will allow to have a high quality rendering. More dense and compact, it will define a beautiful body and will resist more easily to wear.

For a casual look, it is advisable to take a size above or an oversized sweater. Nevertheless, for a casual style, without weighing down the look, we opt for a cut adapted to the size. The sweatshirt used to be strongly monochrome, but it is now available in many colors including graphics, which you can find on our streetwear store.

Find all Project X Paris hoodies for men online. Enjoy a wide range of hoodies for all styles: graphic patterns, baroque theme, plain, with stripes on the sides, zipped, straight cut or oversized.

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