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Sneakers & Baskets Homme

Discover our range ofmen's sneakersat the forefront of the trend at Project X Paris. We are specialists in streetwear and casual style. Thesneakers manalso known asmen's sneakersare making their revolution.

That's why we created the timeless pair of sneakers. With the help of our design team, we chose to be inspired by American sneakers. The goal was to make a pair of men's sneakers in the air of time and streetwear movement.

The pace of themen's sneakersPXP is directly inspired by the sports shoes of the American NBA. Available in several colors, it is thesneakers man whitePXP which is the most popular although it needs to be taken care of... Beware of stains!

Men's sneakers or sneakers for men? Discover the history of the sneakers

First of all, we will explain the etymological origins of the term "sneakers". It is a synonym of sneakers, these comfortable shoes adapted to the practice of the sport. At the beginning, it is especially at the level of the sole that we notice an important difference. The term "men/women sneakersThe term "sneaker" most likely comes from the expression "to sneak". Since the 1920s, these shoes were given the nickname of sneakers because they were so quiet that you could get close to a person without them noticing. Initially dedicated to the practice of sports, it is from the 1980s that the influence of hip-hop puts forward this type of shoe. Little by little, sneakers have become real fashion accessories. Particularly with the advent of streetwear fashion and the "casual chic" style.

Nowadays, the sneaker has become a real must have, no matter how old you are, it is a very comfortable shoe which will not fail to convince you. Especially when you know that there are thousands of sneakers, shapes and colors very different. If you are still skeptical about the choice of colors, we advise you to opt formen's sneakerssober and therefore of black color.

Indeed, there are many pairs of sneakers that are considered true high-end/chic shoes.

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