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Slim and Skinny Jeans Men

Slim fit and skinny jeans for men Project X Paris. Destroyed and ripped jeans, more than a hundred references online.
A variation of the straight cut jean, the slim and skinny are two trousers that fit our shapes without shyness. There are no complexes when wearing these jeans. These two jeans are equally suitable for a man's or a woman's wardrobe.

As the name suggests, slim jeans are worn "slim". In other words, they emphasize the natural curves of our body. The slim fit is ideal for many street wear looks and is a staple in the denim family. A and H shapes are the most suitable for wearing slim-fit. However, if you have a V or O shape, there is nothing to stop you from wearing them, you just need to pay more attention to the combinations, in particular, so as not to compress the silhouette, forget about tops that are too tight.

Why opt for a pair of men's skinny jeans?

Men's skinny jeans have come back in force in recent years. They are now a fashion accessory in their own right and are no longer confined to the punk world as they once were.
A pair of black jeans will give you an immediately slimmer look. This is a type of jean that considerably slims the wearer's figure. They are therefore equally suitable for taller people and smaller people. It should also be noted that there are many variations of jean slim : slim classique, skinny, carrot slim, destroy...

How to choose slim jeans for men?

Project X offers a wide selection of close-fitting jeans, suitable for all body types. First of all, think about the overall cut of your trousers: faded jeans for men, plain jeans, skinny jeans for men… Slim jeans are worn very close to the body, especially at the ankles, where the jeans fall tightly and short. Skinny jeans are a little wider and fall over the trainer (while still remaining close to the body). Next, the style of the jeans is important. There are many different styles: worn, plain, with braids, faded, etc. Black jeans will look very classy, while destroy jeans will have a more urban style.

Project X offers you a vast catalogue of jeans and cargo trousers with a wide choice for all styles. Don't hesitate and discover our selection now.

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