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Overshirts Women

The Women’s Overshirt or Jacket Overshirt can be worn in a casual look close to streetwear. But also in a classic style and dressed for an important occasion.

Indeed, the overshoe is one of the must-haves of fashion in 2022 and can be worn with many pieces. In addition, the overshirt has the advantage of being a dominant dress, which is why it can be worn without too much complication while looking dressed. This is of course true for men’s overshirts, but this is especially the case for our female models. At Projectxparis, you will find a wide choice of overchemise, from wool, to tile or fleece overchemise. Find elegant and hype covers for women. 

Do not hesitate to vary the styles, colors and combinations possible with your overshirt. This breaks the solemn and formal side that it can bring to your look. Overshoes are very popular in streetwear fashion and are part of the trends. 

The Story of the overshirt 

The overshirt for women is a must-have for a trendy, casual and timeless look. But this has not always been the case, historically, over-the-top is a «working tool».

Indeed, it is a warm garment that was created to warm up what works outdoors, especially for the physical trades. For many people, the overshirt was created to simplify the life of loggers. And yes, the overshirt is a warm garment, but it has a certain practicality. Because you can just open it easily if you’re too hot, which is often the case in the physical trades. On the other hand, it can be closed quickly and easily when desired. 

Historically, the overshirt was made only in wool, but in 2022, it is an essential dress that exists in many different tones and materials. There are polar, checked velvet, oversize etc.

Namely that the trend of the overshirt in the world of fashion was updated in the 90s, especially with streetwear movements. 

How do I match your jacket overshirt ? 

The overshirt is simply a shirt in a warmer and thicker material. Let’s take the example of the checkered overcoat, it is an indispensable model of her wardrobe. It is appreciated because it brings a casual style while remaining dressed and comfortable. We strongly advise you to choose it in oversize and accentuate it with pastel color accessories. Indeed, pastel is very trendy in 2022, and especially Autumn/ Winter pastel colors such as khaki green, dark purple, cream beige and brown. This is why we strongly recommend the combination of the checkered women’s overshirt with the pastel colours. 

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