Kodes collaborates with Project X Paris

The 91 has clearly become a capital of French rap again and has an energy all its own, which has been distilled around the world by Niska, Koba la D, and today by all the Bat 7 artists, like Kodes. The rapper is in full explosion since a few years, and PXP is happy to collaborate with him !

From "Bat 7" to the top of the charts

Is there a more influential department in French rap today than 91? Not sure. If the 92, the 93 or the 94 have all had their moment of glory, today it's the 91 that seems to create the trends. Not that they were a bit behind in the past: Ol Kainry, Diam's or Sinik have obviously all marked their time. But since the meteoric rise of PNL or Niska, in the mid-2010s, things have taken on a crazy scale. Not only did the rappers from the department dominate the charts, but they also brought new musical vibes and a new vocabulary that will be taken up by the whole game. Boosted by all this energy, a new generation of artists quickly emerged, especially in Evry and more precisely in the Parc aux Lièvres, a district of the city with a rather agitated reputation. This generation is "L'Équipe du Bat 7", named after the number of their building in the city. A building where a lot of things obviously happened, if you listen to the lyrics of the team's rappers. Among this band of friends, we find very big names like Koba La D, of course, Shotas and Kaflo, but also Bolémvn, Keusty, Chicaille Argenté, Zeze, and Kodes, who joined the buddies for the 7 Binks adventure.

Among the team, inevitably, some artists stand out: Koba la D, the superstar, Bolémvn, the most unpredictable, but also Kodes, perhaps the most aggressive, the most kickeur. It must be said that the rapper has had time to make his classes, especially in his first group, Mafia Spartiate. An adventure that will have given birth to an album, "7 Vie là", in 2018, before the launch of a series of solo freestyles that will make him explode: "Méchant". The tone is set and Kodes cultivates in his music an image of bad boy quite stirring, very energetic and that you should not come to bother. At the beginning, we feel that Kodes is very influenced by Niska's music, especially in terms of flow, way of posing on the instrument, attitude, but he quickly diversified and he offers today a really wide musical palette. This is not a coincidence, because the artists of the Parc aux Lièvres have all worked a lot on their melodies, bringing sounds that we had never heard elsewhere, even in their voices. With all these tools, the artist is starting to have quite a discography.

Freshly arrived in the rap game, the career of Kodes is already well filled: an album with the Spartan Mafia, so, 3 albums with the 7Binks, but also two solo albums, "La B" and "Avoir & Être", released in 2020 and 2021. The third solo project should not be long in coming, because the rapper is currently releasing new tracks. The artist is a workaholic and knows that the time has come for him to get the recognition he deserves as a solo artist, one who has been able to make his mark on the game, with very qualitative kicking sessions and much more melodic tracks. His versatility doesn't stop at the microphone, and that's why we wanted to collaborate with him at Project X Paris. The rapper has a style, an extravagant attitude and also masters his classics.

Kodes & PXP, the summer collab

If for a long time streetwear, inspired by the New York universe, was a rather winter style, things have changed since then, fortunately, and we could go towards lighter pieces and warmer colors. It is in this much more summery direction that we went with Kodes. With him, it went like clockwork, during a shooting of anthology. We would like to salute the inventiveness of our designers and graphic artists, who found two different atmospheres that fit very well with the artist's attitude and the current collection. The first one is outdoors, and we find Kodes with a magnificent Ferrari F8 Tributo Spyder, with outfits necessarily a little bling-bling, a little exuberant. Like the set from the Springbreak capsule, with the tropical printed shorts and the casual shirt with the same colors. The whole worn with a cap, a pair of glasses, a nice watch and a chain with an imposing pendant, in short, a relaxed outfit but which attracts the eye !

A combo that obviously suits the rapper, he has a rather exuberant personality in his texts, and it fits well with the combo Ferrari + summer outfit halfway between the very street and very "Miami". Another example, the second Springbreak outfit, with this time a set composed of a t-shirt with a rainbow gradient logo, and shorts with a rainbow gradient logo, all on a black background. Again, we remain in this idea of summer street wear, with the little touch of luxury in the chain and watch. But Kodes is also very stylish in a slightly darker, less sunny and less colorful. We were able to observe this during the second part of the shooting, indoors, under a hangar with lighting reworked by us. And cherry on the cake: the small four-seater plane, the Robin DR 400, to give a side a little more noble to this hangar very street. Here again, the rapper is doing wonderfully, whatever the outfit, even the most original: a set from the Bandana capsule, with shorts and a hoodie with bandana pattern, for a very successful result. 

As we can see with the Bandana sweatshirt, Kodes is also comfortable with more winter pieces, but as we are in the middle of the good days, we wanted to test a must-have for this Summer 2022 season: the Patchwork capsule. A capsule that is based on the superposition of blocks of colors to give a patchwork effect rather soft and very stylish. We tried a beige set to the artist, still in this hangar with the plane. From the pictures, we can say that it is a success and the outfit fits perfectly with the frame, and even with the stripes present on the plane. This outfit is rather simple but it is very effective: plain beige shorts with a double logo embroidery, and the inevitable "Patchwork" color block shirt, worn over a white tank top with embroidered logo and a pair of black sneakers, and the trick is done. The rapper's ability to adapt to different street outfits and sometimes very daring is really a joy and at Project X Paris, we are delighted to have been able to realize this collaboration in such an auspicious setting. We hope to be able to do it again soon, maybe for a more wintery collab' !


The brand Project X Paris was founded in 2015 by two French designers who wanted to combine urban lifestyle with current high fashion trends. Combining lifestyle and streetwear, the young brand was able to conquer the biggest cities like London or Dubai and today continues to expand throughout France, with more and more boutiques.

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