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Men's jeans

Discover our wide selection of cut jeansslim and skinny, cargo pantsandjogg jeans. Washed destroy jeans, jeans with biker effects or ripped at the knees, easy to wear for all occasions.

The jean is a mythical garment, that we see as well in the street, on the catwalk or in the very select world of haute couture. The jeans have indeed become more noble in recent years.
Jeans: the evolution

The jean is a timeless piece that has followed the social developments of the 19th century to today. During the economic crisis of 1929 in the USA, the jeans are affordable pants that the working class such as workers appreciate for its solidity. Then, in the 30's with the surge of the jukebox, the jeans are taken back by the youth under new colors, notably, black and white. The students make the jean pass from its status of work clothing to a garment of ready-to-wear. Then the jeans are elevated to the symbol of feminism in the 1950s, women wear it high waist, shortened, with moccasins. It was not until the 1960s that the jeans became this unisex and universal piece known until now.

So you understood, jeans is the universal and unisex fetish piece to have in the dressing room.

Slim and skinny jeans for men

As its name indicates, the slim jeans are worn "slim". In other words, it emphasizes the natural curves of our body by marrying them. The English term "skinny" has two meanings: first, skinny and, by extension, tight. The skinny jeans imply that we wear it like a second skin.

Jogg jeans man

The jogg jean is a good alternative to jeans. Similar to its elder brother, the jogg jean differs in a choice of materials softer than denim and a slightly looser cut.

Men's cargo jeans

It is a trouser of military origin. Often beige, sometimes khaki, it has several pockets.

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