Bralets & Tank Tops

Bralettes and tank top are two wardrobe essentials for women. Comfy and functional, bralette has been around for hundreds of years. It was designed for practicing sports (swimming, weight training, running...).

With time it began to gain more popularity. It has successfully broken boundaries in recent years and become a plausible, popular outerwear option.Today, with street chic and sport chic trends at the forefront of fashion, it has become a great piece not only for working out, but also for cozy wear in the streets. Tank top is timeless and can be easily incorporated into any outfit: sporty, chic or casual, you name it! It can be worn with jeans, as well as with jogging pants.

A PXP tank top will add an edge to your personal style! Choose from a wide range of bralettes and tank tops available on our website, and perk up your mood and your wardrobe. Looking for some fashion tips? Explore our product selection and let us guide you. Multi color, plain, zipped… don't wait any longer and choose the bralette and tank top that your wardrobe has been missing.

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Bralets & Tank Tops

Racer Bralette Logo Top - White

Project X Paris
€9.98 €19.95
  • -50%
  • Women's modern cotton bralette with elasticated underband featuring Project X Paris logo